Part 1566 – Mark Caten’s Drawing

Preyuna fumed as she marched down the hall.

How dare he.

How dare that low-lifed guard accuse me of rape!

Does he even know what Caten does to me? Does he?

Of course not.

Caten would never admit to any wrongdoing. He wouldn’t even consider what he does to me to be wrongdoing.

I hate him!

What I do with Isellta is fully consensual. I’m not dragging him to my room against his will. I’m not drugging him and…and…

I wish I were home.

I wish I could just go back home.


Mark Caten finished shading the lines of her hair.

He sat back in Preyuna’s vanity chair.

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

He picked up little Olessa and swooped her into the air.

She laughed.

The sound of her laughter made him feel like a king. He laughed with her.

“Higher, daddy! Higher!”

“My little girl.”

The bedroom door banged open, startling him out of his reverie. He glanced over there. “Ahh, cupcake. I was wondering when you were going to show your powder-sugared face.”

She marched over to him. “Let me go home.”

He sighed. “Oh, must all of our conversations start with those terribly unmagical words?You could start with ‘Oh, My Great Lord and Master! I worship every little bit of you. I throw myself at—-”

“I want to go home. Now.”

“Tough. I want my daughter back. Can you give her back to me, cupcake? Can you?”

“That is not even remotely the same thing. You have the power to give me what I want.”

“This is a terribly dull conversation. So, I’m going to just end it here. I finished my drawing. Do you wish to see it?”

She simmered down. “Yes.”

“Good.” He stood and handed her the piece of paper. He looked at it with her.

Olessa wore a mermaid-style wedding gown. It hugged her curves in all of the right ways. The neckline was low enough to show off her cleavage, but modest enough to not be thoroughly trashy. Her arm was linked with Mark’s arm. She looked up at him with love in her pencil-shaded eyes.

“I saw this in a dream tonight. I woke up and I just had to draw it. I needed to draw it. Look at her.” He stroked the penciled lines of her face with his index finger. “So happy.” His voice tightened as he said, “She will never know this happiness. My girl. My little girl. My Olessa.”

“I’m sorry, Mark.”

“I miss her. Will I ever stop missing her, Preyuna? Will this pain ever stop?”

Preyuna tucked his hair behind his ear. “It will. I promise it will.” She kissed his sideburn. “Draw me now. You said you would.”

He looked at the drawing just a little longer. “Of course.” He set the paper back on the vanity table. “And you know me. I always keep my word.”


Dave raised his head as he realized something. “Hank. You accused her of raping Doll Face and she didn’t deny it. She didn’t even try to deny it. Does that mean it’s true?”

Hank released him. “I don’t know.” He kissed his lover’s forehead. “But don’t worry. As long as we’re here, Isellta’s safe.”

“I want you to be safe too, Hank.”

“I can’t make any guarantees about that. I am Mark Caten’s personal guard.” He took Dave’s hands and held them. “But I will do my best to stay safe.” He smiled lovingly. “Just for you.”

“Eeeeeee! I love you so much!”

Hank laughed. “I love you too, babe.”


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