Part 1564 – “I’ll Be Right Back.”

Preyuna thoughts turned as they always did – back to her harem, back to Nayla.

Back to Isellta.

Back to the creature holding Isellta prisoner.

If I could kill it for him, I would.

That disgusting monster has stolen too many of my people. Too many of my lovely harem members.

But there is nothing I can do. I cannot enter that realm in my true form and wield my full power.

If I could…

If only I could.

If I did, it would turn Isellta’s heart to me. I know it would. He’d forget all about that ugly vampire with his scared face and ruined eye. He’d want me. I would matter to him. He’d gladly hrrash ka kae with me and he would enjoy it.

Unlike now.

Now, the only one who wants me is this low-born brute.

It isn’t fair.

She rose to her feet.

Mark Caten didn’t seem to notice. He was too deeply focused on whatever he was drawing.

Preyuna rubbed her knuckles along the side of his head.

There are so many ways I could kill him, if I didn’t care about returning to my harem.

She kissed the top of his head.

So many wonderful, delightfully messy ways.

“I will be right back.”


But I’ve failed two times already. If I fail again, he will show me no mercy. He will break my wings. He will steal my ability to heal. He will leave me wingless, broken, and crying in pain.

I must not fail again.

She smiled and left the room.

Robin will come on Sunday. He will be my champion. I’d prefer to fight my own battles, but I want to go home. So, I’ll let Robin play hero. Let him save the blond damsel. Defeat the dragon.

She walked down the hall.

And I will be free of the spells binding me to this place.

I will go back home to my kingdom.

Back to my people.

My harem.


My lovely Nayla.

And I will be free.


Dave yawned and laid down on the bed. “Mm. Haaaank. You gonna lay down too?”

Hank leaned forward and kissed Dave. “Not now.”

“Ohhh, why not?”

“I wanna keep an eye on Isellta. Just in case—”

“Don’t even say it. Thinking about someone that cute dropping dead depresses me.”

“I feel the same way.” He kissed the middle of Dave’s forehead, the tip of his nose, and the whole of his lips. “But the thought of you dying depresses me a whole lot more.”

“Eeeeeeee!” Dave threw his arms around Hank’s neck. “I love you so much!”

Hank laughed. “I love you more than I’ve loved anyone else.”

“You’re so romantic I could just about explode about it!”

“Maybe, but I’m not saying it just to be romantic. I’m telling you the simple truth.”

“I know! That’s what makes it so romantic.”

Someone knocked on the door.

Hank sat up.  “Who is it?”

“Queen Preyuna of the fey. You will let me in, scummy human.”

Dave sat up. “Don’t let her in, Hank. She’ll do bad stuff to—-”

“I know what she’ll do.”  He gave Dave a leisurely, admiring look. “I’ll be right back, lover.”

“I’ll come with you.”



“Stay here with Isellta. Protect him. Just in case.”

Dave hugged him. “Don’t get killed. Please don’t get killed.”

Hank returned the hug. “I don’t intend to get killed. Certainly not by her.” He kissed Dave’s head. “Stay here. Protect him. Okay?”

Dave nodded.

“Good. I’ll be right back.”


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