Part 1562 – A Staircase Conversation

Isellta moaned small, soft sounds in his sleep.

His wings flittered sporadically.

He shivered, all curled up in the nae bi sha’s arms.

The creature inhaled Isellta’s scent and drooled.


So hungry.

But not yet. It’s all a matter of hours.





Torn skin.

Broken bones.

Spilled blood.

A feast.

A veritable feast that I would have shared with her.

But she is no more.

She is gone.

She is dead.

My mate is dead.

She’s dead!

He bared his sharp teeth.

He deserves to die.



He grabbed Isellta’s neck.

Isellta gasped and opened his eyes. “Robin?” He looked, unseeing, into the darkness. “Are you still here?”

The nae bi sha glowered at him.

His life is in my hands.

I could kill him now.

Break his neck.

It would be so easy.

Isellta’s eyes widened in panic. “Who’s there? Robin? Robin? Is that you?”

But it’s still too soon. I want him to be completely helpless. So, he can’t fight back.

“Who are you?”

He released the fey’s neck.

“Where’s Robin? Where’s my Robin?”

But this waiting is killing me.

“I’m here.”

“I can’t smell you. Why?” He whimpered. “Why can’t I smell you? What are you?”

Darn! Another slip up. Second one.

I cannot make a third.

He transformed back into Robin, complete with his tangerine scent.

Isellta relaxed.

“Told you. I’m right here.”

“I don’t understand. Why couldn’t I—”

The nae bi sha rolled Isellta onto his back and crawled on top of him.

Isellta gasped as the creature pushed down on him.

Bare skin on bare skin.

Body heat blending into body heat.

Bones against bones.

He reached up and stroked the creature’s scarred face. “Robin. My Robin.” His eyes were bright with love.

The nae bi sha smirked.

“My beautiful Robin.” He winced. “Something…something’s wrong with me. I don’t…Cold. Still so cold. Head…head hurts. It.”

“Shh.” The nae bi sha slunk down and bit Isellta’s neck.

“Robin…” He frantically grabbed the creature’s arms. “hold onto me. don’t let me…don’t…” His eyes glazed over. His grip loosened. His hands dropped to the floor.

The nae bi sha watched the fey’s eyelids close.

How much longer?

He rubbed his fingers across Isellta’s eyelids.

I’m hungry.

How much longer are you going to keep me waiting, little fey?



Robin stomped down the basement stairs.

Two freakin’ days from now.


I can’t do it.

I won’t.

How can I? I just know I’ll foul things up and be the worst jerk of all time.

I need more time to…

He stopped at the half-way point and sat down.

How much time am I willin’ to take?

It’s been too long already. If I go any longer, he’ll forget me.

He’ll forget all about me.

Maybe he already has.

Ambrose walked down the stairs. He was about to go right past Robin, but then the younger vampire grabbed his arm.

“Hey, stupid.”

Ambrose stopped.

“Sorry ’bout pushin’ you away. I’m just scared and hurt. I mean…I knew he’d slept with her already. That wasn’t no news flash. But. Four times.”

Ambrose sat next to him.

“Four times with the same person.”

“Who is she?”

“Some nasty fey chick named Preyuna.”

“Ahh. Her.”

“You know her?”

Ambrose shrugged. “I’m acquainted with her. Preyuna is beautiful. There’s no such thing as an ugly fey, but she is exceptionally beautiful. I can see why he would be attracted to her.”

“That ain’t makin’ me feel any better.”


“You right should be.”

“Robin. I have a strong feeling that this is something more than purely animal attraction going on.  The Isellta that you and I know is very sweet and innocent. I don’t think he’s the type to bed the first hot woman he meets. That’s isn’t him. There is a reason why this happened and why it happened four times.”

“What? Stupidheaded lust ain’t enough a reason?”

“Okay. Look at it this way: He loves you, Robin. He’s madly in love with you. But did he ever say, ‘Hey. Come on down to my room and we’ll have loads of fun’?”

“Darnation! I sure hope that ain’t your standard ‘Let’s hook up’ line. Because that’s just terrible.”

Ambrose looked insulted. “My go to line is much better than that.”

“I bet it is. I bet all you gotta do is look at a woman and say ‘Hi’ and you got ’em just like that.”

“Sometimes, but don’t change the subject. Did Isellta ever use that kind of line on you?”

“No, but why would he? I was all prickles and bristles all the time at him. He’d have to be a special blend of stupid to even wanna go there with me.” Robin wrapped his arms around his stomach. “Maybe that’s why he did it with her. Maybe she was all soft and willin’. Maybe she made him feel good ’bout himself. Maybe she made him feel beautiful and he couldn’t resist.”

Ambrose shrugged. “Maybe. Maybe not.”

Robin stood. “If we keep talkin’ about this, I will puke. I solemnly swear I will puke ev’rywhere.”

The washer’s buzzer went off.

Ambrose stood and headed down the rest of the stairs. “Have you considered the possibility that she might have forced him into doing it four times?”


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