Part 1555 – Black Roses And Red Material

Barbara unbuttoned her top two buttons as she entered her bedroom. “I’m going to take a shower and change into something a little more bed friendly.”

I will not think about it.

Not now.

She turned to face Sarah, who was lurking uneasily in the doorway.  “Will you be okay if I leave you alone?”

Sarah rolled her eyes with all of the drama a six year old girl was capable of. She marched over to the bed and dropped into it without any hesitation.

Barbara smiled. “I guess that means yes. I’ll be right back.”

Sarah raised her hand in a dismissive wave.

Barbara went to her dresser and grabbed a change of clothes. She opened her underwear drawer.

The black shirt box sat in the drawer, buried deep under her underthings.

Maybe I should try it on.

Her heart raced.

Her ears felt like they were on fire.

She picked out her usual underwear.

She looked long and hard at that black box.

I’ll lock the door so Sarah doesn’t catch me.

She grabbed the box and ran to the bathroom.


Ambrose sat against the washer. It rumbled and shook against his back.


He brought his knees up against his chest and looped his arms around them.

Two days.

Just two days.

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back. His mind drifted down random paths.

Me in a tuxedo.

My reflection.

I looked so darn hot.

It’s a good thing vampires do have reflections. Otherwise, I’d feel really frustrated right now.

I wonder if I can be photographed.

Oh, right.

The police had me pose for that mug shot. So, I guess that would be yes.

They let me off too easy, considering the lives lost and the damage done.

But I paid for it, anyway.


He shuddered.


Just two more days.

Two more days and I’ll—-


He raised his head.


Barbara? What’s wrong?


Barbara looked at her reflection.


The black roses covered her sensitive areas, but the red material around those roses was sheer.

Very sheer.

I feel so naked and…


She smoothed her hands down her sides. The sheer material was soft under her palms and fingers.


I feel desirable.

Yes, I know that Kevin was in love with me and Ambrose is definitely in love with me.

But this.

This is different.

This makes me feel so different.

If Ambrose saw me now.


Barbara yelped, grabbed a nearby towel, and held it up to her chest. She glanced around, ready to pound Ambrose if he dared make an appearance.

What’s wrong?


Oh, good. He isn’t here.

She lowered the towel.

Nothing. I was just. Umm.

Do I really want to tell him?

No. It wouldn’t be appropriate.

She smiled.

Not yet, anyway.

She admired her reflection.

I want him to see me in this.

I want to see his reaction.

He’ll be surprised.

She blushed.

And he’ll be a lot more than just surprised.

Barbara? Are you okay?


She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around her waist.

She could almost feel his arms loop over hers.

And his arms were bare.

She opened her eyes.

I need to stop.

These thoughts.

I can’t.

Until we’re married, I can’t.


I want.

Barbara? What is it? Are you hurt?

She shook her head.

No. Just thinking about us. Thinking about you. I can’t wait. I mean, I can’t wait until I can see you again. Until, my fluffy gray kitten, we can touch again.

Two days, Barbara. That’s all it is. That’s all that we have left. Just two days.

She looked at her reflection.

A bad case of the jitters came over her.

I want to run back to him.

I will always want to run back to him.

I love you, Ambrose. I love you.

I love you too, Barbara Addleston. I love just you.


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