Part 1544 – How To Create A Gravestone Like A Fey.

The nae bi sha smiled at the blond fey sleeping in his arms.

So soft.

So gentle.

So sweet.

So trusting.

He chuckled.

So incredibly stupid.

Isellta doesn’t question my existence in this plane and he should. As a fey, he should wonder why I am here. How I am here. Humans don’t belong in this realm. Only fey. And what is a vampire but a changed human? But he accepted my existence here in less than a day. Now, look at him. All curled up against me.

All naked against me.

So happy in my arms.

He doesn’t want to hurt me.

He wants me to love him and fawn all over him like a fool.

The nae bi sha laughed.

He’s the fool, not me.

Stupid little fey. Being in love with the ax that will chop his head off.

And his hands.

And his feet.

And slice through all of his bare skin.

So much skin.

Such delicious skin.

If only I could have a taste. One small bite.

But he isn’t that far gone yet.

Not yet.

Oh, but he’s getting so close.

The nae bi sha licked his lips.

If only…

Just a nibble.

Maybe a fingertip.

The edge of his ear lobe.

The tip of his nose.

Maybe one of his eyelids.

But it would alert him.

He’d panic.

He’d kill me the same way he killed her.


My darling.

My mate.

I will not be killed.

He will.

The nae bi sha smiled in the dark.

And he won’t be able to resist.

He won’t be able to fight back.

He won’t be able to kill me.

He’ll be too weak.

I must wait until he is too weak.


I will know when the time is right.


He inhaled the sweet scent of Isellta’s skin.

“Then, little fey.”

He bared his sharp-edged teeth.

“Ohhh, then.”


LM dropped the last shovelful of dirt on Capernaum’s grave, but he wasn’t done yet. He smoothed the loose dirt with the back of the shovel until it was perfect.


He set the shovel aside.

“One last thing.”

He stuck his finger in the dirt and wrote Capernaum in Faeliglith. His finger moved in straight lines and perfect squares.

So many parallel lines.

“It’s only right for you to know how to write and speak Faeliglith.” Capernaum smiled. “It may no longer be a living language, but it is the language of your ancients. You should know it.” 

LM looked down at the unfamiliar lines.

“I will teach you.”

LM formed the four parallel lines for the letter M and sat back on his heels. “Good. It’s perfect.” He whispered into his hands and pushed the magic at the grave.

The whole patch of disturbed dirt turned into a rectangle of gray and black swirled marble. Capernaum’s Faeliglithed name occupied the center.

LM stroked the cold gravestone. “Farewell, my dear friend. May you travel safe through the Ancient Lands. And may I one day meet you there.”

He raised his head as Antioch approached him.

“I’m ready.”

The half-fey stood and shook the dirt off his hands. “Ready?”

“For you to finish what you started. You will break my lord’s dominion over me.”

LM shook his head. “It’s risky and dangerous.”

“I am well aware of the risks involved.”

“I’ve done it so many times to you already.”

“I don’t care!” Antioch bared his fangs. “I will not be some dirty vampire’s minion. I will not.”

LM looked down at the grave.

“Capernaum would want you to do this for me. He was my friend. He understood me like no one else ever did.”

“I know.” LM said softly. “I will do it for him. I will do it in his memory.” He looked up at the vampire. “But if I say we need to stop, we will stop. Is that clear?”

Antioch’s fangs retracted. “Perfectly clear.”

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