Part 1543 – Robin Decides


There was no response.

Jay looked down at his phone’s screen.

“Call ended? What the? He hung up on me?”

He went into his call history and was about to call him back.

His thumb hesitated above the OK button.

“Robin said he’d call me back. He needs to think about it.”

He backed out of his call history and put his phone away.


Now what do I do?

What more can I do for Isellta?


I’m an idiot.

A big stupid dummy of an idiot.

‘sellta needs me and I need him.

Why the flamin’ heck did I say no?

Robin went into his call history.

He selected Jay’s number.

His thumb hovered above OK.


What if somethin’ happens to me?

What if somethin’ happens that keeps me from gettin’ back here on Sunday?

Missy’s gonna be an obvious no show. What if I’m one too? Who will Ambrose have in his weddin’ party? Just Raven? That don’t seem all that fair.

Where would I be today without him and Barbara?

Where would Isellta and I be?

Micael darted about the store, gathering up tuxedo ingredients for Ambrose.


I don’t get it.

Why was Jay bein’ so insistent about me comin’ tonight? Seems kind of suspicious to me.

Micael disappeared behind the curtain with his haul of clothes.


What if he ain’t bein’ suspicious? What if ‘sellta really needs me to come?

Robin looked at the phone number at the top of his call history.

What the heck am I supposed to do?

“Sir?” Raven crouched in front of him. “What are you going to do?”

“I dunno.” He scoffed. “Tear myself in half. Half of me can stay here. The other half can run to Isellta. Seems like a good plan, right?”


Robin’s shoulders slumped. He laid his hands in his lap. “What else can I do?”

Micael cleared his throat.

Raven and Robin stood.

Just as Ambrose walked through the curtains.

Raven glowed with pride.

Robin’s pupils widened.

Ambrose was dressed in the whole affair: top hat, black tuxedo jacket with tails, white shirt, white vest, white gloves, black slacks, black leather shoes. He looked amazing and there was no doubt about whether he knew it or not.

He knew just how good he looked.

Ambrose tipped his hat at Robin and smirked. “Well?”

Robin shook his head. “If you go on about ‘Oh, I think Barbara’s gonna kick me to the curb for not bein’ all that’, I will punch you. I will punch you so hard in the face.”

Ambrose laughed. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Duh. If you didn’t, I’d wonder what’s wrong with you.”

Raven walked around him, carefully checking him out.

Ambrose’s eyes are so bright. So happy.

So excited.


I can’t do it.

No matter what I want, it don’t matter none. I have to wait until Sunday.

He backed out of his call history and put his phone away.

‘sellta. Whate’er’s goin’ on with you…Hold on. Wait for me. Please, my pretty fey. Please wait for me.



Isellta hugged Robin.


He inhaled and exhaled Robin’s tangerine scent.


He closed his eyes.


He felt the rhythm of Robin’s breathing and tried to match it with his own.


It lulled him back to sleep.


His last thought was Robin’s name.

4 thoughts on “Part 1543 – Robin Decides”

    1. Thank you so much!

      I’m very happy with how these chapters all played out. And, in a weird way, it made me happy to have Jay interacting with my vampire guys. Jay’s been stuck interacting with just the people in Mark Caten’s place. It makes him coming to Pinkerlee feel like a crossover episode (if that makes sense 😆 ).


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