Part 1541 – Robin Finally Gets Jay’s Message

Robin changed his clothes and left the curtained off area. He felt plainer, but a lot more like himself. He tapped his fist against Ambrose’s shoulder. “Your turn, hot stuff.”

“Hot stuff, huh?” A mischievous glint came into Ambrose’s eyes. He unzipped his hoodie, slowly peeled it off, and flipped it over his shoulder.

Raven sighed and went to retrieve the tossed shirt, grumbling under his breath.

“I’ll be back.” Ambrose sauntered over to the curtained area. “And you’ll see what real hot stuff looks like.”

Robin scoffed. “Yeah, I bet I will.”

Raven marched over to Ambrose and forcibly handed the hoodie to him. “Do NOT throw your clothes about. Sir.”

“Sorry.” He disappeared behind the curtain.

Raven’s tension moved up three notches as he returned to Robin.

“What? What did I do?”

“Nothing, sir. I merely…I.” He heaved out a heavy sigh. “I have something I must give to you.”

“Uhh. Okay? Is it…somethin’ bad?”

Raven hesitated a moment before pulling a folded piece of paper out of his suit jacket’s pocket. “I will let you be the judge of that, sir.” He handed him the paper.

Robin unfolded it.

He read it.

Hi. My name is Jay Harris……I guess that name doesn’t mean anything to you.


Huh. I really stink at this sort of thing.

Let me start all over again.

“What the heck is this?”

“Keep reading, sir.”

Look. I know you, Robin. I know about you and Isellta.

Robin’s breath got stuck in his throat.


He knows my Isellta. How?

hahaha. Well. That makes me sound creepy, doesn’t it?


Sorry. This note is just all over the place. I wouldn’t be surprised if you crinkled it up and threw it away before you could get to this paragraph.

But just….just…

Just bear with me.

If you’re still reading.

Isellta needs you.

Robin’s knees trembled.


Isellta needs you. He needs you, Robin. Just you. Just you.


“I don’t unnerstand. Why? Wha?”

Robin. Please. Call me.

When you get this note, please call me. I need you. Isellta…The poor kid. Please come. Please. Please come. Call me. Tell me that you’ll come.

Isellta. What’s goin’ on? Why’s he soundin’ so urgent?


*sigh* There’s so much more I want to say to convince you. I’m sure I’m doing the worst possible job of it. You probably think I’m insane or a stalker or something worse.

Doesn’t matter what you think about me.

Just believe me.

Isellta needs you. He needs you, Robin. He needs you.

He needs me? Why? Why me?

Please call me. Please. Let me know that you got this note, that you read it, that you understand, that you believe me….that you will come.

Please. Robin, please come.

I don’t know what else to say. No. Actually, I do. But it hurts too much to say out loud. It hurts too much to put it into words — spoken or otherwise. Please.

It hurts too much to say out loud…What the heck does that mean? What’s goin’ on? Who’s doin’ what to my Isellta?


Please. Call me. When you get this note, call me please call me, Robin.



Robin didn’t give it a second thought.

He pulled out his cell phone and called Jay’s number.


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