Part 1538 – Call My Name

Hot darnation!

Robin admired his reflection in the dressing room mirror.

The close fitting black vest.

The clean white dress shirt.

The perfectly formed black bow tie.

The way the black jacket complimented his figure.

The black dress slacks.

He smoothed his hands down his hips.

I know I ain’t born on the ugly side of the street, but DARN! I look good.

If Isellta were here…

If only Isellta were here.

Robin smiled.

I’ll wear this when I go runnin’ to him. So, he’ll see me lookin’ my absolute hottest best.

For him.

Just for him.

Micael walked around Robin, scrutinizing hems and cuffs and such. He stopped next to him. “Well? What do you think?”

“Isellta will just about die when he sees me. If he even recognizes me. He ain’t never seen me look this fine.”

I wish he were here.


My ‘sellta.

I wish you were here. I miss you.

You hear me, stupid fey? I freakin’ miss you.


Talk to me. Let me hear your voice again. Call my name, ‘sellta. Scream it out loud inside my head. Give me a freakin’ migraine.

‘sellta. My lovely Isellta.

Let me know you’re still out there waitin’ for me.


“nnngh.” Isellta held on to Robin as his world spun faster and faster as it looped backwards and upside down.


Somewhere in the dark, a voice called to him.

Isellta opened his eyes and the world spun out of whirl. He whimpered. “Robin? Robin?”

“I’m here.” Robin hugged him closer, tighter.

And the spinning managed to somehow worsen.


Hank woke up next to Dave on the floor. Isellta’s messed up blanket hung tent-like over them.

He ran his hands through Dave’s mouse-brown hair and delighted in its color.

Its length.

Its texture.

Its thickness.

Its smell.

Dave smiled in his sleep and curled up against Hank’s bare chest.

Hank hugged him.

Isellta cried out.

Both guards escaped the blanket’s tent and sprang up to their feet.

Isellta cried out again as his body thrashed in another convulsion.

“Oh. Poor Doll Face. What can we do, Hank?”

Isellta huffed and puffed as the convulsion died down.

Hank sadly shook his head. “Nothing.”



No response.

Why? What’s goin’ on over there?

Is he all right?

Is he hurt?

‘sellta! Talk to me.


Just call out to me. Call me. Call my name. That’s all I want. All I need right now. Just to know you’re okay.


Call me.

Say my name.






Isellta panted in the darkness.



He pressed his aching head against Robin’s chest.


someone’s calling for me.





He scrunched his eyes shut and tried to project his thoughts.


Isellta whimpered as his headache flared.

He clenched his teeth and tried again.


Robin kissed his jawline all the way to his neck. “I’m here, Isellta. I’m here.”



The sweet, questioning lilt to his voice grabbed Robin’s heart and squeezed it tight.


My ‘sellta.

“Are you okay, Mr. Hastings?” Micael asked.

Robin nodded. “My ‘sellta can still project his thoughts to me. He’s okay. My Isellta is okay.”


2 thoughts on “Part 1538 – Call My Name”

    1. Thank you!

      I really liked that line too. 😀 It’s such a Robin thing to think.

      And yes. I feel bad for the poor Isellta. I’m so looking forward to his big reunion scene with Robin. It’s going to be so awesome to finally write it, especially after all of the bad stuff he’s gone through.

      Liked by 1 person

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