Part 1537 – Hildreth Mayhew…Lost In His Thoughts

Hildreth glanced at Elsie as they returned to patrol duty.


My fierce Elsie in a wedding dress. I wonder if the skirt will be one of those high in front low in back things. So, she’ll get to show off those mighty fine legs of hers.

But if she wears a floor-length floof-ball gown…Hmm. There is a certain attraction in that too.

She’ll look like the Queen of…Narnia? No, that isn’t right. Queen of…of…

Elsie looked at him. “You’re being very quiet. Lost in your thoughts?”

“Always, baby. But that isn’t a bad thing. It just means that I have many deep and profound thoughts that require my full attention.”

“I want your full attention.” She blushed and looked away from him. “Sorry. I hate how needy that sounded.”

“Nothing to be sorry about, Elsie baby.” He took her hand.

Ahh! What if it is a mini-dress? Some lace-covered shift thing that showcases her curves in all of the right ways. Hm. I suppose it would be too trashy looking for it to be short and low-cut. Too bad. I’ll have to choose one over the other. Cleavage or legs? Ahh, decisions. Decisions.

“If you’re thinking pervy thoughts about me, I will punch you.”

He startled. “Me? M–moi? Being all creepy perv? Never! Ah-hahahahahahaha!”

She promptly punched his arm. “Idiot.”



She side-glanced at him.

Hildreth dressed up in a tuxedo.

I want to see that so much!

If he gets himself killed before our wedding, I swear I will kill him myself. I’ll punch his corpse until something breaks!

“And what kind of thoughts are you having about me, Els? Is it…super smutty?”

“You wish.”

“Actually, I do. It would make me happy to know you feel that way about me.”

“You stupid idiot. You KNOW how I feel about you.”

“That’s true. But it would still make me happy.”

They turned the corner and headed down the sidewalk. Elsie watched the people passing by.

“Els.” Long pause. “Do you still think about him?”

“No.” The answer came fast and easy and without any hesitation.

And it was the truth.

But he didn’t respond.

Elsie pulled her hand out of his grip, spun around and shoved him several steps back until he bumped into the nearest store front.

“Whoa! Els—”

“You supreme idiot! Stop it. Just stop it!”

‘What? I didn’t do anything!”

“It isn’t a matter of what you’re doing.ย  It’s all a matter of what you are thinking. You’re thinking that I’m somehow for some reason pining for that vampire.” She pressed her forearm against his throat. “I’m not. Those pining days are over and gone. I want you, Stupid Idiot Mayhew.”

He chuckled breathlessly. “Did you just capitalize ‘stupid’ and ‘idiot’?”

“Yes. I figured I might as well if you’re going to be that stupid about Ambrose.”

“Els. Oh, Els.”

She lowered her arm. “I only want you and no one else. Just you.”


She punched his arm again. “So, don’t you forget that!”


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