Part 1527 – Elsie And Hildreth At Work

Elsie saw the vampire run through the wall.

She stopped in the middle of the alley.

I could go charging in after him, but…

Is there an imperative need to do so?

At this moment, no.

She smiled.

I’ll catch him next time.

She left the alley.

I’ll stake him next time


As the vampire ran through the wall, he regretted his lack of caution.

I’m going to die.

The Marauder is going to be out there waiting for me.

She’s going to stake me.

I’m going to…


He glanced around the alley.

“Oh. She isn’t here.”

He cautiously approached the alley’s entrance. With every step, he expected Elsie to materialize like a cheap jump scare. He reached the entrance without any incident.

He raised his head and sniffed the air.

The vampire smiled.

“mmm. Grilled cheese and warm beer. I think Master Incandesca will approve.”

He ran after the scent.


Elsie returned to the empty parking lot she’d left Hildreth in. She exhaled a sigh of relief. He was still there and still fighting strong.

There was just a small handful of vampires left. They stood around watching Hildreth fight a musclebound lummox who looked like he could pass as the Incredible Hulk’s non-green cousin. Some of them seemed to be taking bets.

Her body twitched with the need to race in and help him.

But she took a moment to enjoy the view.

He attacked the vampire before him in a hard-hitting series of punches and elbow thrusts and jabs.

Such power.

He ducked and dodged his opponent’s attacks.

Such grace and agility.

Elsie clenched her hands into fists as Hildreth high-kicked the underside of the vampire’s chin.

I want.

He did a tight spin and staked the vampire in one breathless move.

Why can’t he fight me like that?

Why does he always play the “Let’s Block Elsie” game?

The rest of the vampires converged on him.

Elsie rushed in to help him out.

I want this.


Hildreth spared a quick smile at her before turning his attention back to the dance.

I want him to truly fight me. No holds barred.

She resumed her dance of kicks and blows and sharpened wood.

I want to feel the rush of fear that he might hit me, that he might hurt me bad.

A vampire grabbed her from behind, pinning her arms to her sides.

Elsie head-smacked the vampire in the face, stunning him.

She spun around and staked him.

She caught sight of a vicious-looking blonde rush at Hildreth with a broadsword in her hands.

“Oh no you don’t!” Elsie let out a warrior yell and charged at the blonde vampire.

Her mind raced with all of the possible ways to stop her, including flinging herself at the vampire.

She decided on a full-on body shove, throwing the vampire off balance and distracting her.

Hildreth quickly pulled out his Bossman 550, balanced it on his shoulder, and pulled the trigger in a series of well-practiced moves.

Blonde vampire fell.

The rest of the small group gathered in a huddle and came to a quick agreement.

They all ran away.


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