Part 1524 – A Surprising Reveal And A Misunderstanding

Kalyla’s pager went off again. He checked it. “Oh. This one’s on the ninth floor.” He looked up at Robin. “Did you still want to follow me?”

Robin nodded.

“Elevator, stairs, or teleport?”

Robin considered the blond fey standing before him. He remembered the feel of his embrace. The way he’d kissed him in Isellta’s form.

He looked away from him.

He ain’t Isellta.


“Are you sure? Teleporting is a lot faster.”

He could feel the memory of Kalyla’s arms and his body pressing against him. Embracing him.

But I don’t want him.

I want my ‘sellta.

Just him.


“Then, follow me.”


Robin followed him in silence, but his mind was noisy with unasked questions.

They entered the elevator and the doors closed.

As Kalyla pressed the button for the ninth floor, Robin broke his silence, “So. You’re…good lookin’ and all. You got someone special?”

The fey’s black wings emerged and flapped.

The familiar gesture hit Robin like a volley of well aimed stakes.

“I do. Her name is Ilrithya Mal Frenma of the Eastern Vorserland. She is from my schie a kehn.”

“I thought you ord’nary schmuck fey don’t get girlfriends.”

Kalyla smiled at him. “Ordinary schmuck. Is that what I am, Robin?”

Robin shrugged.

He flared out his wings. “I am Kalyla Mal Frenma. I used to be a member of Lady Queen Preyuna’s harem, but I failed to meet her needs. She paired me up with one of her former handmaids with the promise that I would surrender my first son to her.”

Robin gaped. “What the flamin’ heck? You told her to go fish, right?”

Kalyla tilted his head and blinked rapidly. “Why would I do that? She is my queen and I once was hers.”

“If you say somethin’ dumb like she has a right to go snatchin’ up your first kid, I swear I’ll punch you so hard your braid will fall off your freakin’ head.”

He folded his wings away. “That doesn’t make sense. Anyway, Lady Queen Preyuna is good and caring. I can’t imagine my son finding a better bonded partner than her.”

“Wait. You mean…she’d make your son part of her harem?”

“After he comes of age, of course.”

“And you got no problem with this set-up?”

“None. My son will be well-cared for, emotionally and physically. I know this.” He smiled fondly. “I know her. She is very kind, especially to her harem members.”

Robin slouched against the wall and tried to make sense of that kind of thinking.

He failed.

“What if your son finds some hot village chick he likes? Or some hot miller’s son or whate’er?”

Kalyla sandwiched Robin’s hand in between his own hands. “Robin, you must understand. We are fey, not human. No matter how we may appear, we are not human. Our thoughts are fey. Our beliefs. Our feelings. Our social and moral expectations.”

Robin felt dizzy as he thought about Isellta. “Can a fey even fall in love?”

“Generally speaking, no. Our minds are not like that. We thrive on sense and clarity. Love is not sensible nor is it always clear.”

“But it’s possible, ain’t it?”

The elevator stopped at the ninth floor and the door slid open.

Kalyla released Robin’s hands and turned to leave.

Robin grabbed his arm. “Ain’t it possible?”

Kalyla gave him an assessing look. His mouth fell open as he apparently jumped to the wrong conclusion. “I’m sorry, Robin. I’m terribly sorry. I can’t give you love.”

Robin scowled and bopped his fist on the fey’s blond head. “Stupid dumbheaded blond idiot! Who said I was talkin’ all about you? Huh? I sure weren’t. Idiot. Dumb. Stupid stupid stupid STUPID!”

“Oh. You didn’t mean me. Oh.” He looked like he was having a problem processing that information.

“The one I love is Isellta Mal Hoven of the Nor’eastern Fields and if you try talkin’ trash about him, I’ll smash in all your teeth!”

Kalyla smiled and flapped his wings. “I will try my best not to ‘talk trash’ about him. Will you still come with me?”

“Now, that we got that all cleared out? Sure.”

He followed Kalyla off the elevator.


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