Part 1521 – “Robin? Is It You?”

My Isellta.



The nae bi sha fingered the feathers below Isellta’s throat.

Isellta smiled in his sleep.

The creature bristled with a cold rage.

How dare he sleep so peacefully while I’m still struggling with my loss!

He killed her.

My mate.

He killed her.

He slaughtered her and he never even said that he was sorry. Not that an apology would have changed all that much.

Isellta is mine.

The creature ran his tongue over his sharp teeth.

Just mine.

He gently raked his claws down Isellta’s chest.

I will devour him.

And I won’t be sorry.


Isellta sat on the beach and watched the sun set into softened peach and baby rose. The balmy breeze blew gentle on his skin, ruffling his hair and rustling his feathers.

He flapped his wings.

“Everything is so pretty out here. There’s only one person who could make this moment better.”

The scent of tangerines blended with the scent of sea and sand.

He flapped his wings even faster.

Someone sat next to him.

The tangerine scent was overwhelming.

“Robin?” He tried to turn his head, but his neck muscles refused to cooperate. “Robin? Is it you?”

A man’s hand laid down on his hand.

“uhh. Uhh. Robin?” He struggled to turn his head. “Is it…is it you?”


The fey let out a small whimper. “Robin. Robin! Come here. Come in front of me. Let me see you. It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you. I need to see you again.”

“You’re so pretty. My ‘sellta is so pretty.” He unfastened the buttons on the back of the fey’s black shirt. “Isellta.” He spread the back of the shirt wide open. “‘sellta.”

Isellta’s breathing sped up. “Touch me, Robin. Touch me. Kiss me. Love me. Please love me. I need you to love me.”

The tangerine scent faded along with Robin’s presence.

“No! Don’t leave me, Robin! Come back! Don’t…”

The sun set and a black form crept through the frothing waves.

A black form with glowing eyes. It looked straight at Isellta and crawled towards him.

“no.” Isellta dug his fingers into the sand. “don’t touch me. please. please don’t. don’t touch me. don’t hurt me.”

It leapt out of the waves with a savage cry.

Isellta’s body went stiff. He couldn’t escape.

He couldn’t move.

He couldn’t do anything to protect himself.

He could only sit and watch the creature fall towards him with exposed teeth and sharp claws.

I’m going to die.


Isellta woke with a shudder.

He opened his eyes to darkness. “Robin?” His voice was a small, uncertain sound. “Are you there?”

Isellta sniffed the air, but he couldn’t detect Robin’s familiar scent.

He whimpered. “Robin. Robin. Robin.”


The nae bi sha looked down at the whimpering fey and smiled.


This is more like it.

Go on, little fey. Cry and moan and whimper for your missing lover.

Join the club.

Know that this is how I feel. Because of you.

Isellta covered his face and curled into a ball. “He left me. My Robin. My Robin…” His body trembled as he cried.

The nae bi sha watched with vengeful happiness.

“He never…he…didn’t say…g…goodbye. He just…he…”

Oh, I could watch this all night. But I don’t want him to leave me.

I guess I must keep up appearances so he doesn’t run away.


The scent of tangerines washed over him.

Isellta raised his tear-streaked face. “Robin?”

Arms wrapped around his waist and held him close.

“Robin? Is it you?”

“Of course.” He kissed the side of Isellta’s neck.

Isellta leaned his head back and relaxed in his lover’s arms. “Why did you leave me?”

“I just…stepped away for a moment. The reason why doesn’t matter.”


Robin bit his neck.

Isellta’s world spinned and tumbled and whirled in dizzying loops. “Hold on to me, Robin. Don’t let me fall.” He closed his eyes. “Don’t let me fall.”


The nae bi sha grinned in the dark. “Don’t worry, Isellta. I got you.” He licked his sharp-edged teeth. “I got you.”


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