Part 1520 – Raven’s Intentions And Robin’s Mental Ramblings

“As for my intentions, I merely wish to protect Sarah. Perhaps someday we will find a way for her to regain her memories and her identity. Until then, I would like her to stay with Missy and I after you marry Miss Addleston. I will have her sleep in your old room.”

Ambrose smiled. “You’ve been thinking about this, huh?”

“Hardly. It just makes sense. Where else can she live? With her being an XQ, she cannot very well go through the regular adoption route. No one will understand her the way we do. No one will be able to accept her as she is. Normal humans would fear her ability to become fire.”

“And we aren’t normal humans.”

“No, sir. We are vampires. We are extraordinaries.”


They reached the end of the hallway and turned right.

“You will have to talk to Missy about her.” Ambrose side-glanced at the other vampire. “Preferably before you invite the young thing into your lives.”

Raven frowned. “Why? She is only a child. Missy has nothing to be jealous over.”

“Not the point. Missy will be bent out of shape that she had no say in the matter. That you just invited this kid into your house while Missy was unconscious.”

“But Sarah is a child.”

“It doesn’t matter, Raven. She will see it as a slight and it will hurt her. Talk to her.”

Raven looked straight ahead. “You seem certain that she will awaken.”

“I’m hoping.” Ambrose patted his back. “Hoping for your sake.”

“Thank you, sir.”


Robin focused on the words and the melody.

On the rise and the fall of Kalyla’s voice.

Yet, in the back of his mind, he remembered.



I can feel your touch. Your light, gentle touch.

Your fingers on my skin.

I wish I knew your scent.

I freakin’ wish you had a scent I could get all fixated and weird about.

Kalyla glanced at him.

Robin quickly looked away from him.

Kalyla is sweet and nice and all that, but he ain’t you.

He ain’t you, ‘sellta.

I wish you two could meet. I think you guys would have a lot in common.

“Aish ka shi sha
Ooo. Ooo-ooo-ooo…”

I’d love to hear you two sing together.

Robin stomped his foot on the floor.


I’m bein’ such a freakin’ sap! GAAAAH! WHAT AM I? SOME FREAKIN’ GIRL?


If I’m the girl, what? Isellta’s the guy in the relationship? That sure don’t sound right. He sure ain’t the super macho sort.

But he’s the one who rescued me in the first place.

So, what? I’m some freakin’ damsel in distress? Do I gotta wear a corset and high heels and grow my hair out and wear it all up in some fussy fancy ‘do? I hope not. I won’t look good with long hair and it would bug the heck outta me. I’d just chop it short again, which would be a waste of growin’ it all out.

He frowned.

What the heck am I thinkin’ about?

Kalyla’s patient fell asleep with a smile on her face. He held her hand a moment longer before releasing it.



What’s goin’ on over there? Are you okay?

What’ll happen when I get over there on Sunday? Will you come out and see me? Will you still want me?

Will you still be willin’ to love stupid, scarred, messed up me?

Will you love me at all?


My ‘sellta.

What’ll I do when you touch me? If you touch me. If you kiss me, what’ll I do? How will I keep myself all together? How will I manage to not just…explode?

When Kalyla kissed me…

No. I ain’t gonna think about that.

Robin smiled.

I’ll just keep thinkin’ about you.

Just you.

My ‘sellta.


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