Part 1507 – Robin Has A Couple More Requests For Kalyla.

Kalyla gave him a full half-hour. He would have gone longer, but then his beeper buzzed. “I’m sorry, but I really do need to get back to work. Will you be okay?”

Robin released him and slowly took in all of his details.

His soft blond hair.

His dark blue eyes.

His blond eyebrows.

His long eyelashes.

The shape of his face.

His mouth.

His ears.

His nose.

His neck.




The length of his torso.

The length of his legs.

He laid his hands on the fey’s chest.


He slid his hands up to Isellta’s face and into his hair.

Isellta’s hair was soft and clean between his fingers.

“My Isellta.”

The fey looked at him with compassion. “I’m sorry, Robin.”

“Don’t be. It ain’t your fault. Just mine. All stupid mine.” He pulled him into another hug and held him in silence.

Someone tried to board the elevator. They took one look at the scarred man hugging the skinnier fey, shook their head, and walked towards the stairs.

The doors closed.

Kayla’s beeper buzzed again. “I’m sorry, but I have to leave.”

“Before you go, kiss me. Please kiss me.”

Kalyla blinked quickly and tilted his head. “Won’t that make it harder for you to let me go?”

“Prob’lly. So, kiss me.”

Kalyla leaned forward.

Robin waited for the last possible moment before closing his eyes.

Their lips touched.

Robin splayed his hands on the sides of the fey’s face and kissed him with a wild hunger and passion.

‘sellta. My Isellta.

The door opened again.

The sight of their passionate kiss scene scared that intruder away as well.

Isellta ‘sellta ‘sellta.

The fey’s face changed under his touch.

The placement of his bones.

The feel of his skin.

The shape of his lips.

Robin quickly released him.

Isellta’s gone.

“Are you okay, Robin?”

The sound of his voice.

Robin sank to his knees and shook his head.

Kalyla crouched in front of him. “What can I do?”

The gentleness in his voice convinced Robin to raise his head. “Nothin’. Ain’t nothin’ more you can do for me.” He took the fey’s hands and held them. “Thank you.”

Kalyla smiled and it was almost like Isellta’s smile. “You’re welcome.”


Raven considered taking the elevator, but he wanted some quiet alone time.

He took the stairs.

Along with fifty-nine nurses just getting off of work.

And they all wanted to talk about their day. In very loud voices.

Raven turned around to head back upstairs.

Just as eighty five doctors decided to go healthy.

Raven was trapped right in the middle.

He could have barged his way through, but it seemed like a lot of trouble. There were a lot of people to barge through.

He sighed and followed the herd downstairs.


Kalyla gently helped Robin up to his feet. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah. Thanks again. You don’t know. You have no freakin’ idea how much I needed to hug Isellta at that moment.”

Kalyla let go of Robin’s hands. “Isellta is lucky to be so loved.”

To be so loved…

If only I could start all over again.

“I must go. Have a good night.”

“Hold up. I wanna know somethin’. That song you sang to that dyin’ patient…What was it?”

Kalyla tilted his head. “Which song?”

“I don’t know! It weren’t in English.” Robin thought about it. “I guess that ain’t all that helpful. Lots of songs ain’t in English. Uhh, it goes like dah dah dah di men ee sah…”

Kalyla’s face brightened into a true smile and he laughed softly. “Actually, the line is ‘aish ka no me nae si na.’  It is a fey well-wishing song. It is usually sung by mothers to comfort their newborn babies or it’s sung to those who are close to death.”

What the heck? I know I was in some really bad shape, but did he really think I was gonna die?

“I wish you cloudless days. I wish you star-filled nights. I wish…I don’t know how to translate the next two lines. There isn’t a comparable phrase in your language.”

“It’s okay. I get the general idea.”

They left the elevator.

“Kalyla. I know you’re busy and all. But…”

The fey tilted his head.

“Could you teach me that song?”

“But it’s a fey song.”

“Duh. I freakin’ know that. But I wanna be able to sing it to him.” He imagined Isellta’s reaction and he couldn’t help smiling. “It’ll blow that stupid fey’s mind.”

Kalyla smiled. “Yes. Isellta is very lucky.” He took Robin’s hand. “Come with me on my rounds.” His smile grew. “By the time I’m done, that song will be stuck in your head.”

Robin grinned. “Lead on.”


4 thoughts on “Part 1507 – Robin Has A Couple More Requests For Kalyla.”

    1. Thani you!

      When Robin first came on the scene, he had a lot of hurt and anger issues and was in major denial about his feelings for Isellta. I worried about him. Poor guy. I thought my readers wouldn’t care if he ever got back together with Isellta. He wasn’t particularly nice to the poor thing. I wondered if my readers might be rooting against their reunion.

      Fortunately, he’s had some time to understand and accept his feelings for Isellta and do some all around growing up. And he’s actually become one of my favorite characters to write. Especially when I pair him up with Ambrose. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

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