Part 1504 – “There Is Something I Must Tell You.”

Robin barged into Missy’s room and headed straight to Raven. “Sarah. Go keep Ambrose occupied.” He grabbed Raven’s arm. “You and me gotta talk.”

“Uh? I—”

“Not here, stupid. Come on.” He jerked the other vampire’s arm as if it were a dog leash. “Follow me.”

Raven stiffened his back. “There is no need to manhandle me, sir. I will follow you. Sir.”

“Anyone ever tell you how much you abuse the word ‘sir’ when you’re all ticked off?”

“I have no idea what you mean.”

“Huh? You gonna just leave it at that? Come on. Just say it. You know you wanna.”

Raven held his silence for a couple of minutes. “Was there something you wished to speak to me about, sir?”

Robin smirked. “Yeah, come on out into the hallway. And don’t get that look on your face like you think I’m gonna compromise your virtue or some such junk. I ain’t that into you.”

“Ought I say sorry or thank you?”

“How ’bout neither? Come on. With me. Or I’ll pull your freakin’ sleeve off.”

A look of horror passed over Raven’s face. “Very well. Lead on, sir.”


Raven focused on calm breathing patterns as he followed Robin into the hallway.

Robin closed the door.

“Is there a reason why you felt the need to drag me out here?”

“What did you wanna tell me?”

“I beg your pardon?”

Robin folded his arms across his chest. “You should. I wanna know what you were gonna tell me.”

Raven’s expression blanked out.

Robin growled. “Stupid. You ain’t even knowin’ what I’m talkin’ about.”

“Indeed, I do not.”

“Back at the elevator, you said there was somethin’ you needed to talk to me about after you visited with Missy. Well, guess what? Visitin’ time’s over. Talk.”


This is it.

The moment I have been dreading. What should I tell him?

Raven frowned. “Your shirt is inside out.”

Robin snarled and unsheathed his claws. “All that buildup for THAT? What the heck, man? Seriously, what the flamin’ heck? And it ain’t inside out. That’s just the pattern.”

“Why? Why would any clothing designer create a shirt like that?”

“Because it’s cool! Duh!”

Raven buried his face in his hands.

I do not understand it. I do not understand it at all.

“Well. Now, that you’ve had your say—-”

He uncovered his face. “I have not had my say. There is something else I must tell you.”

“If you’re gonna rat on about my jeans AGAIN—-”

“No, sir. I am not.” He fidgeted with the buttons on his right glove. “There is something.”

I cannot do it!


He must know.

“I met someone out in the streets today. He was…”

He will leave me.

I could come with, but who will take care of Sarah? And what of Missy? If she starts to crash, I want to be here.

“He was looking for you.”

“Who was it? What’d he want?”

“He…uhh.” Robin lowered his hands. “The gentleman’s name was Jay Harris. He had a message from Isellta.”


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