Part 1501 – Thinking Steam And Fear

Barbara sipped her tea and daydreamed as the two guys talked.

In two more hours we’ll be down to only two more days.

Then, one day.

And after that?

She smiled.

Every day after that last day will be ours.

No longer just his.

No longer just mine.

No longer us waiting for a distant future.

We’ll be together.

My Ambrose and me.

She fixed her gaze on the exposed skin above his hoodie’s zipper.

If I could touch it…

If I could kiss it…

If I could pull the zipper lower.

Ambrose smiled at her.

Her breath caught in her throat.


She blushed.

The expression in his eyes softened.

Did I think all of that out loud? I hope not. That would be embarrassing. Especially if Robin overheard it.

And if Ambrose heard it…


There’d be only one thing to do: Get up and go hide in the car.

Seems like the legit, sensible thing to do in such a situation.


Despite the distance between them, Ambrose’s voice was heat inside her ears. “Yes?”

He stood.

Her heart beat all rapid and wrong as Ambrose walked over to her.

He stopped beside her.

She could almost feel his body heat. She looked up at him, hopelessly speechless.


Touch me, Ambrose. Touch me. Hold me. Kiss me and let me touch you. Hold you. Kiss you.

His pupils widened.

Robin snorted. “Darnation. There you go again.” He stood and barged in between the love birds.

Ambrose growled. “I’m going to kill you!”

“Yeah, whate’er. Barbara. You were obviously thinkin’ steam about Ambrose instead of eavesdroppin’.”

Obviously…Obviously? Was I really being that obvious?

Ambrose punched Robin’s back.



“Hey! I ain’t the one punchin’ your back. So, stuff it. We’re gonna go check on Raven, Barb’ra. You comin’ with?”

“Of course!”

“Good.” He took her hand, which earned him another growl and back punch from Ambrose. “ngh. Don’t you worry. I’ll keep you safe from the hormonal vampire.”

She giggled. “Thanks, I think?”

He grinned at her. “I like you. Too bad I’m all bought and sold to Isellta. I’d probably go for you.”

Ambrose extended his claws. “Over your own dead and staked body.”

“Eh? That ain’t the right way to say that line.”

Ambrose scoffed. “I know that. I just don’t see why I should be the one dead and staked.”

Robin shook his head. “I ain’t even gonna try to explain.”


Ambrose refused to have anything to do with the elevator. So, they took the stairs.

Robin insisted on Ambrose leading the way.

Robin held Barbara’s hand.

What’s Raven gonna talk to me about?

It better not be somethin’ dumb like…I don’t know. ‘Be sure to bleach your underwear’ or somethin’ stupid like that. I’d punch him. I’d punch him so hard for gettin’ me all worked up over an absolute bunch of nothin’.

But what if it ain’t nothin’?

What if it’s Isellta? What if Isellta needs me to come now?

Robin looked at the honey-blonde woman holding his hand.

He looked at the black-haired vampire striding up the stairs ahead of them.

He thought about the blond fey waiting for him.

And he felt like his skin was being torn in half.

I owe these two lovesick idiots ev’rythin’.

Where would I be right now without them?

But ‘sellta was the one who rescued me.

Ambrose stopped and looked back at Barbara.

Robin could see the love in his eyes, in every line of his body.

Love and unspoken desire.

They’ve had to wait for so long. They’ve been so patient, but they’re obviously at the snappin’ point. I can’t.

I can’t do anythin’ that will further delay their weddin’. And I know.

His heart ached.

His bones and muscles ached.

I know if I go after ‘sellta right now, somethin’ bad’ll happen. Somethin’ bad will happen to me or Ambrose or Barbara. I wish I was wrong.

But I know.

I know as sure as a premonition that I ain’t wrong.



His eyes shined with tears.

‘sellta. If you can hear me, hold strong. Wait for me.


My pretty ‘sellta.


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