Part 1498 – “I Can Do It On My Own.”

Jeff signed all of the necessary documents and handed the clipboard back to the doctor. “So. Now, what?”

“Now, we will take her off the oxygen. Just be aware that she may not be able to breathe without assistance. If she struggles, what do you want us to do?”

Jeff looked down at her.


My Tessa.

My little girl.

“What…what are my options?”

The doctor sighed. “Either put her on a ventilator.”


“Or let her go.”

It is my choice. Life or death.

Death. Watch her struggle to breathe and do nothing to save her.

Life. Watch a machine do all of her breathing for her. Never see her run and talk and…and…

How do I decide?

I can’t.

I can’t do it.

I can’t make such a life altering decision for her. Let someone else make that choice. Make someone else say those words that need to be said.

But there is no one else.

Just me.

I need to make this decision for her.

My little girl.

“Ventilator. Save her. Resuscitate her. Do whatever needs to be done.”

“As you wish.”

The doctor and the nurse converged on Missy.

Is this the right choice?

Did I make the right decision?

He watched the doctor and nurse do their thing.

Raven held Jeff’s hand.


Jeff shot a sharp look at Raven. He was all set to pummel and thrash him for the mental intrusion. Then, he noticed.

Raven was completely focused on her.

And he was on the brink of tears.


Jeff squeezed his hand. “It’ll be okay. She’ll be okay.”


Raven couldn’t breathe.

Couldn’t swallow.

Couldn’t think of anything other than her name. Over and over, he thought her name as if it were a magic word that was powerful enough to revive her.

The doctor removed her oxygen mask.

Jeff all but crushed the vampire’s hand.

Everyone watched with abated breaths as Missy inhaled.

Missy. Missy. Missy.

And she exhaled soft and easy.

Another inhale and exhale.



No glitches.

No gasps.

No difficulties.

Breaths came in and came out.




“Thank God.” Jeff said in a choked up voice.

Raven silently agreed.


“Do you need help burying him?” Sammy asked the half-fey.

LM considered it, but shook his head. “I can do it on my own.” He walked over to the burnt body and knelt beside it. “I owe him.” He spread his hand on Capernaum’s chest. “I owe him so much.”

“I can at least lower the body into the grave for you.”

The body.

Is that all he is now? Just a body?

Where is he now? The man who saved me. The man who helped me so many times in so many ways.

Where is he?

Where did his light go?

Does it travel through the Ancient Lands alongside my past schie a kehn members?

I don’t know if it is possible for a human to enter the Ancient Lands, but.

LM smiled.

I like to think he can and he is.

My dear friend.

When I die, will I see you again?

“I can do it on my own. But thank you.” LM stood. “I intend to bury him as a fey.” He glanced at Sammy. “You can stay or go if you wish. It’s up to you.” He lowered his gaze to Capernaum. “It doesn’t matter to me.”

Sammy exchanged a look with his female companion and nodded. “We will go. This is a private moment that we do not belong in.”

LM nodded. “Thank you for your understanding and respect.”

Sammy and his companion walked away.


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