Part 1491 – The Doctor Is In The Room.

Robin watched Missy breathe in and out.

What would Isellta say if he was here? What would hold his innerest? What would make no freakin’ sense to him?

He glanced at Sarah.

What would he think about her and her invented sign language? Would it make sense to him?

I wish he was here.

It hurts so bad.

I hurt so bad.

“Because I know.” He looked down at Missy. “I know it ain’t no one’s fault but my own. I hit him. I hit his face. I told him to go away and leave me alone. Stupid fey. Didn’t he know I didn’t mean go away for good?”

A hurt expression came over Isellta’s face just before he disappeared.

I’m the stupid one.

Just a stupid jerk.

I had somethin’ so pure and good and I went up and scared him away. Would serve me right if he ain’t never comin’ back to me. I ain’t sure why he even wants to.

Why me?

Why does he want me?

Why does he love me?

I don’t get it.

“I don’t deserve it.”

‘sellta. You deserve better.

I wish you were here.

It hurts so bad.


Jeff came up behind Robin.

In another time and a different place, I would have staked him. And Raven. And Ambrose too.

I would have done it automatically in an exchanged flurry of kicks and blows, beating them down.

My mind would be silent and focused, but my adrenaline would be rushing loud and high.





And done.

Attach The Collectors’ tracking buttons and let them carry the bodies away.

Robin clenched the bed’s rail. “‘sellta. My Isellta. I miss you like mad.”


If I had a choice…

If Master Shinowa were to ask me…

Would I go back to that life?

Is that something I still miss? Something I still want?

I don’t know.

I just want Tessa to wake up and be well.

That is all I really want.

The nurse and the doctor entered the room.

Jeff raised his head.

“Mr. Farsigh?”

“You can call me Jeff.”

“Yes. Uhh, Jeff. All of her labs and radiology exams have come back clear. So! We are going to try to remove her from the oxygen mask. Do you have any questions?”


Robin came out of his thoughts. “I’m gonna go check out the cafeteria. See if they got anythin’ decent to drink.” He marched over to Ambrose and grabbed the hood on his shirt. “You’re comin’ with me and Barbara too.”


“Stupid Ambrose. This is family matter stuff. We ain’t part of the Farsigh family tree that I know off. Let’s give ’em some privacy.”

“What about Raven?” Barbara asked. “Why aren’t you grabbing him by his proverbial scruff?”

“Duh. He’s engaged to Missy. He’s half-way to bein’ family. Let’s go.”

Ambrose smiled and looped his arm around the younger vampire’s neck. “Sometimes you do surprise me.”

“What? Just sometimes?”

“Rest of the time I want to throw you at the wall. Come on. That cafeteria is calling our names. I just hope they know what I mean by hot water.”


The nurse closed the door as the two vampires and Barbara walked away.

Raven stood by Jeff’s side. Sarah made herself comfortable in the armchair near the window.

Jeff swallowed hard. “Do I have any questions? I don’t know. I guess…What’s the worst thing that can happen?”

“Worst thing? Well, worst case scenario: She has become dependent on the oxygen and is unable to breathe on her own. She stops breathing. Does she have a living will?”

Jeff shook his head. “She was just a kid. I never imagined her needing it.”

“Do you have legal guardianship papers, power of attorney papers, any legal documents stating that—”

“I am her father. I.” He held himself with a rigid sort of pride, but deep inside he was breaking down. “I shouldn’t need any of that.”

“Yes, but according to our records, she is no longer a minor. Did she ever say if she wanted to be resuscitated if—”

“She was only thirteen years old before those Institute monsters kidnapped her! Just a kid. Just a little girl. What did she know about resuscitation and breathing tubes and…I. I never took her to see her mother in the hospital. I didn’t want her to remember Laura like that. I wanted to shield her from that deeper pain…that awful reality.”

The doctor fell silent.

The nurse spoke up, “So. You never talked to her about it?”

Jeff shook his head.

“So, you don’t know what her wishes are.”

Jeff shook his head again.

Raven hesitantly raised his hand. “I might be of service in that department.”

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