Part 1488 – Dragons In Flight

Sammy flew alone for the pure joy of air and wings and sky all belonging together. He closed his eyes and the sky streamlined over his face and down his spine. His wings beat the air in perfect synchronization.

Up. Up.

Down. Down.

Power and grace and strength.

Up and down.

Joy rose inside of him until he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He opened his mouth wide and let his joy loose in a wild trumpet call.

He received a call back – two trumpets singing a perfect third.

He opened his eyes and hovered as two large dragons flew past him. The female carried her milk white baby on her back. The baby clung tight to the lowest part of her neck. He flapped his wings in imitation of his parents and squeaked in excited tin horn tones.

Sammy thought about Deliosa and purred.

I want to see her again.

Her address flashed in his mind.

I know where that is.

Sammy waited for the small family to fly out of range. He executed a perfect back roll and flew straight to Deliosa’s home.


Sammy landed light and soft outside of her house. He hesitated a moment before transforming into his human form.

It wasn’t until he was standing outside her door that he realized that he had done this all wrong.

I didn’t call ahead.

I don’t know if she’s home.

I don’t know if she even feels like going out with me tonight.

I didn’t dress for the occasion.

I didn’t bring flowers or anything like that.

I should probably leave and do this all over again. But do it the right way.

The door opened before he could knock or flee the scene.

Her eyes brightened when she saw him standing there. “Samer!”

“Hello, Deliosa. Do you want to become skye?”

“With you? Absolutely!”

Relief flooded him. He smiled – a genuinely happy smile.

Daisies and tulips took over her whole front yard.

“Then.” He held out his hand. “Come.”


They flew in joy and delight.

They flew in trumpet song.

The flew with power and grace.

They flew in teasing chases and playful tumbles.

And it was everything that Sammy wanted.

This is happiness.

This is joy.


This is us.

Her and me.

Deliosa and Samer.

I will never want anything more than this.

They flew over Pinkerlee, crossing quickly from the good side of town to the bad side.

Deliosa stopped and hovered. Samer. What is that black spot in the distance?

He hovered next to her. I don’t know.

She swished her long tail in a relaxed gesture. We should check it out.

He pulled his neck back and tilted his large head. Why?


He gave the idea some quiet consideration.

Aren’t you curious about it, Samer?

It’s in the bad side of town.

But we are dragons.

We’ll be fine.

He deliberately bumped his tail against her tail.

I will protect her and she will protect me.

He purred deep in his throat. I’ll beat you there.  He dropped into a fast dive.

Murals of tulips, roses, and rainbows appeared on the shattered buildings below as Deliosa chased him.

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