Part 1476 – Isellta Is Slipping.

Preyuna left Mark Caten’s room in a hostile mood.

She strode past the one guard who was frantically readjusting his mask.

The other guard was further down the hall retrieving his weapon.

She had no idea what had happened between the two guards and she didn’t care. As far as she was concerned, they were simply an extension of Mark Caten and they could beat each other dead.

Preyuna walked down the hall without a true destination in mind. She just wanted to get away from Mark Caten and his bedroom.

I hate him.

I want him to die.

I want him to die broken and shattered. I want to see his pride break before my eyes. I want to see him grovel.

I want him to grovel before me.

I want him to acknowledge my queenship.

I want to see his skin torn and bleeding.

I want his blood on my hands. But that will never happen. It can’t, unless I want to forfeit my throne.

She scoffed. My sister would like that.

Preyuna thought about her harem.

She thought about Nayla.

She imagined her sister laying claim to all of them.

She stopped walking.

No. I can’t let that happen. Nayla, I will keep my promise. I will return to you.

No matter what.

My dear harem. I will come home.

She resumed walking.


Jay sat on the bed. “Isellta.” He stroked the fey’s soft hair. “Hey, kid. I’m home. Did you miss me?” He swallowed hard. “Hey, I have good news for you. I went to Pinkerlee. Sorry about leaving you, but I had to go. I found this vampire. I don’t know. He never actually admitted to being a vampire, but he just gave off that whole vampire vibe, if you know want I mean. Anyway, I told him that you need Robin. That Robin needs to come to you as soon as possible. That he needs to come tonight. He was hesitant, but I believe that he will think about it.”

Jay laid down and pulled him into a hug. “I don’t know. Maybe I should have made him see the seriousness of your situation, played it up to the highest level of drama. I should have told him that you were on the brink of death, which you are. But it would have broken me to say those words to someone else. And I didn’t want to break down.”

He held him a little closer. “Isellta.” Tears fell down the guard’s face. “Come back to me.”


Isellta stood alone in a spotlight’s circle. Far off voices called out his name. Voices he thought he knew. Voices he almost recognized.

Dragonflies zrrted past his ears, their bodies cloaked in darkness. Something about that sound felt familiar to him, like an almost remembered lullaby.

“Hello?” He glanced around. Fireflies glowed and faded on the other side of his circle of white light.

He took a step forward and stopped. The fireflies’ glow beckoned to him. Yet, he didn’t want to leave the light.

I don’t want to go back into the dark.

Isellta sat down with his legs all stretched out.

I want to stay right here.

The scent of tangerines sparkled bright orange in the air.


Someone…a man sat behind him. His strong arms embraced Isellta, pulling him close. His long legs stretched along Isellta’s legs.

“Robin? Is it you?”

He turned Isellta’s head to the side and kissed his neck.

Excitement surged through the fey’s body. “Robin?”


Isellta sighed with relief and leaned his head back. “Robin. My Robin.”

“Isellta. Come back to me.”

“Okay. I’ll come.”

And the spotlight clicked off.


Isellta slowly opened his eyes.

The light was gone.

Darkness engulfed him again.

But he felt Robin’s familiar embrace.

Isellta smiled.

Even as his mind began to blur and his world turned inside out and upside down, Isellta smiled. “Robin.” His voice sounded odd and slushed to his own ears. He vaguely wondered why. “I’m here. Robin. Robin.”


The nae bi sha smiled in the darkness.

You’re slipping, little fey.

Every minute you stay in here, you slip just a little bit more.

You slip and you weaken. I wonder if you’d be able to run away from me now.

The creature licked his sharp teeth.

It shouldn’t be too much longer.

I will be patient, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

You’ll be lucky if you can last two more days.


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