Part 1435 – The Black Iron Gate Of Doom

He picked him up so easily. My wonderful Hank. I want him to pick me up like that.

Dave’s legs vibrated as he imagined it.

I would die. I would scream and die from happiness.

Dave leaned forward. “Haaaaank.”

“No, Dave. Not now.”

He sighed and retreated to his seat.

I can’t wait until we’re finally alone. “Hank? What are we going to do about Robin?”

“I’m thinking about it.”

“Can I come with you this time?”

“Let me think about it.”

He huffed. “What’s there to think about? Just say yes.”

“Let’s get Caten home and then we can decide what to do.”

“I want to come with you. Please, Hank?”

“Darn it. Why do you have to sound so cute when I’m trying to drive? That isn’t fair.”

Dave grinned behind his mask. “Love you.”

“I love you too, babe.” He stopped at a red light.

“Hank? Do you want me to come with?”

“Of course, I do! I just don’t know if Caten’s going to snap or what when we get home. We might not be able to go anywhere.”

“ohh. Doll Face will be disappointed.”

“I know.” The light turned green and Hank drove forward. “I hate to disappoint him too, but don’t worry, babe. We’ll figure something out. Okay?”



LM stood outside of the black iron fence surrounding the brick building. He stood still, a lone winged figure in the thunderstorm.

He watched Mark Caten and his two guards.

He didn’t speak.

He did nothing to help them.

LM stood there and tried to make sense of what he was seeing.

None of their actions make any sense. They’re nothing but twisted lines that can’t be straightened out.

He watched the two guards drop their umbrellas and run after Caten. He smirked as the taller guard scooped up Mark Caten and tossed him over his shoulder.

The shorter guard grabbed the dropped umbrellas and hurried after the other two men.

LM tried to flap his wings, but they held their rigid stance. The best he could do was a small shudder. He looked up at the sky as the shorter guard fussed with closing the umbrellas.

If Capernaum were here.

If only Capernaum were here.

The car drove away.

LM sighed.

But he isn’t here.

I’m all on my own.

Just me and Antioch.

He turned around and winced.

The black iron gate had swung closed.

I’ll have to touch it again. I don’t want to touch that filthy thing.

LM covered his mouth with his hands and whispered a spell into them. He threw the spell at the gate.

A chorus of screams shrilled inside his head. He cringed and a whole handful of feathers fell out of his wings. “Stop! Stop! Stop!”

The screaming dissipated.

He reluctantly approached the gate and touched it.

What he heard in his head was worse than screaming: Death rattles. Tortured moans. Desperate, broken-voiced pleas.

LM clenched his teeth and unlocked the gate.

Images flashed before his eyes.





And a masked woman dispensing all of the pain.

LM had seen her only one time, but she had made a very strong impression on him. So, he recognized the masked woman beyond any shadow of a doubt.

She was Mark Caten’s only child.

Olessa Caten.

LM kicked the gate open and ran into the brick building.


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