Part 1418 – She Wants Him. He Wants Her. He Wants Him.

I want to run to Ambrose

I want to hug him and kiss him.

It’s 3:57.

Just a few more hours.

The phone rang and Barbara answered it.

Come tonight, only two more days.


Ambrose burrowed his face into his pillow and sighed.

And he saw her.

In his mind, he saw Barbara with her wavy honey-blonde hair.

Her blue eyes.

He heard the joy in her giggle.

He thought about her semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla bean scent.

How it called to him.

How it tempted him.

But I will not yield.

I will not hurt her.

I will never change her.

I love her.

He stretched his arms out and flared out his claws.

Robin snuggled up to him. “nnnnghh…”

Ambrose’s claws retracted.

What’s going to happen with Raven and Missy?

Will Raven even come to our wedding? I hope he will, but I can’t blame him if he doesn’t. If that were Barbara—

“nnngh! Quit all the yakkin’ or I’ll bite you.”

“Go to sleep, Robin.”

“Ain’t so sure why you’re tellin’ me to go to sleep when you’re the one makin’ all the noise.”

Ambrose grunted in response.


Robin watched the older vampire settle back to sleep. His gaze travelled down the length of Ambrose’s body.

His long fingers.

Large hands.

Strong arms.

Well rounded shoulders.

Black hair.

Broad back.

Robin contemplated the hem of Ambrose’s tank top.

And, in a moment’s flash, Ambrose’s broad back narrowed.

Large black wings lay flat.

His soft blond hair fluffed up on the pillow like the hair of a little kid. It begged to be touched.

His head begged to be kissed.


With the saying of his name, the illusion faded and Ambrose was just Ambrose.

Robin let out a wounded huff and turned away from him.

I want it to be Isellta.

I want him in my bed.

I want the stupid little thing in my arms.

I wanna slip my hand under his shirt.

Feel his nekkid back.

I wanna hear him whisper my name.

I wanna hear him sing me to sleep.

I wanna…

I want.

The hurting joy of Isellta’s voice sounded in his head.

The sweet innocence of his expression when he was on the monitors.

That man who looked like Olessa…He punched Isellta.

What else has he done to him?

Is he the reason why ‘sellta sounded so upset on the phone?

What has that mug-faced ape done to my Isellta?

His chest hurt.

His throat hurt.

His muscles twitched with the need to get up and do something useful.

Robin sat up.

I need to see him again.


His head felt like someone had painted the face of his skull with liquid cement and it had finally hardened. He started to droop to the mattress.


He opened his eyes and carefully got out of bed.

I need to see him.

The pain in his chest increased.

I need to see my Isellta again.

He staggered to the door, opened it, and left.

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