Part 1417 – It Is Now 3:55.

“We should head back upstairs.” Hildreth grinned. “I can only imagine the sordid things poor Jeff thinks we’re doing down here.”

“Poor Jeff, huh?”

“Absolutely. Most guys don’t enjoy thinking skeevy thoughts about their bros.”

“Is that so?”


Tonight will be only two more days.

Just two more days.

“Elsie.” He looked into her golden eyes.

Desire stole his breath and raced his heart. It made his brain go dumb and his voice go mute.

How can I express it all?

Everything I feel for her…How can I say any of it without melting into a nonverbal mess?

She smiled and her expression softened. “Hildreth. Marry me. With all of my moods and irritations, please marry me.”

He kissed her – a light, gentle kiss. ” I will.”


Jeff took another sip of tea.

I hope she hasn’t killed him.

One more sip.

Mmm. “This is really good tea.”


Another nurse entered the room to check Missy’s oxygen level and assorted vitals.

Raven’s pupils widened as a thought occurred to him. He returned to the arm chair and sat there in a floaty-headed daze.

He contemplated the pros and cons until his head throbbed.

The nurse may have spoken to Raven. If she did, he didn’t hear a single word. He listlessly nodded his head, just in case.

She touched his arm.

And he was overcome by her dark chocolate and white mint scent.

Raven slopped into a slouch and closed his eyes. He was vaguely aware of his knees jutting through the holes.

He moaned.

An angel’s voice spoke through the echoing darkness. “Just sleep. We’ll talk to you later.”

He fell asleep to the clatter of the plan racing through his mind.


Barbara checked the time again.

It’s 3:55.

Yes! Time’s moving a little faster.

Maybe not by all that much, but hey! At least it isn’t 3:00 anymore.

It’s almost four.

Almost 4:00.

In a few more hours, I’ll see him again.

I’ll see Ambrose again.

I’ll be able to sit here and watch him clean. Watch him be all busy and domestic.

The mental image of him pushing a vacuum cleaner filled her with an irrational joy.

I can’t wait! I wish I could run to him now.


My Ambrose.

After tonight, it will be only two days.

Her knees trembled. And it wasn’t from fear.

Ambrose. Ambrose, we’re so close.

Don’t get staked or taken away.

Please don’t die.

I need to see you again.

I want to see you again.

I want to be your wife.

Just you and no one else.




“coijobssesuuuhmmm?” Ambrose opened his eyes and raised his head. “ehhh? Ba’ra?” He glanced around, but she was nowhere in sight.

He sighed and pulled out his cell phone from under his pillow.

He dialed five wrong numbers before he finally got it right.

“Hello! Thank you for calling—”


“Hi, kitten!”

“Ekrjfnihdsbfudf?” He rubbed his forehead. “I mean, whazz wrong? I heard you call my name. Are you all right? Are you hurt?”

“Don’t worry. I’m fine.”

His body relaxed.

“Go back to sleep. I’ll see you tonight.”


“Shh. Go to sleep.”


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