Part 1386 – Robin’s Memory

Robin dreamed, but he didn’t dream of Isellta…

He strode across the stage and stopped at the mid-way point.

His stomach fluttered as it always did at this point in the play.

He bowed his head to calm his nerves.






He raised his head and stared at the darkened audience as if he were searching their hearts.

“To be. Or not to be.” His voice rang out clear and strong. “That is the question.” The rest of the soliloquy came out in their right and reasonable order.

Robin quietly marveled at the beauty of the language and the profundity of the thoughts that soliloquy expressed.

“Perchance to sleep and dream no more.” Goosebumps rose up on his arms.

I want this life.

I ain’t innerested in doin’ anythin’ else.

One audience member watched his performance like the most avid kind of fan girl. She sat on the edge of her seat with her hands clasped to her chest. She mouthed the words with him. Tears spilled down her face, making her skin shine in the dark.

Darnation. She havin’ a religious experience or somethin’?

Robin almost broke character and smiled at her, but he didn’t want to spoil the moment. He tore his gaze away from the fan girl and kept going without missing a beat.

I’ll see if I can catch her afterwards.

She’s probably a total nut, but she ain’t all that bad to look at.

Then, because it was a dream, the scene flipped and changed. Robin was no longer on stage. He stood in the meet and greet area, smiling and yakking it up with a young man in a lavender tank top who had enjoyed his performance. Especially when Robin had removed his shirt to fight Laertes. He had really enjoyed that.

Then, Fan Girl showed up.

“Oh! You were so wonderful! You were brilliant! I am such a fan! I’ve seen this play so many times, but I’ve never seen anyone play Hamlet the way you do. You made it feel so real and natural.” She smiled flirtatiously. “Hey! Could you please come over here? I want you to meet someone. Would you mind coming with me?”


Robin followed her through the crowd. He lost sight of her a couple of times, but she always managed to find him.

She took his hand and led him to a part of the building that was barricaded by Construction! Do Not Cross signs.

They slipped past the barricades and entered a long dark hallway.

That nervous feeling fluttered in his stomach again. He smiled. I got a pretty good idea what she’s up to. “So? Why we goin’ down this hallway? It’s pretty darn dark.” He deliberately bumped his hip against her hip. “Seems like we won’t be able to see all that much.”

“That’s fine.”

Something in her voice sounded wrong.

And Robin realized that there was more than one reason why a woman would lead a man down an abandoned hallway. He opened his mouth to excuse himself.

She stopped walking. “Yes. This is perfect.”


She unfastened his collar.

“What is this? What—”

She grabbed his hair and forced him to turn his head to the side.

He gasped. “What are you doin’? Wha—”

She growled in the dark. “I’m hungry and you smell good.”

Robin turned pale as he realized just how wrong his assumptions had been. “Oh. Oh! Please. Please. Please. Don’t.”

“I can’t help it. I’m so hungry and you smell so GOOD!”

Her fangs sank into his skin, biting strong. Biting deep.

An intense pleasure possessed him.

He opened his mouth wide, but no sound came out.

Not even when the pain overcame the pleasure.

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