Part 1382 – Disaster (??) Averted

Preyuna sat in a relaxed slump as Eschia ministered to her needs.

Washing her hair.

Washing her body.

All of her body wash products scented the steamed up bathroom in a delicious mishmash.

Preyuna smiled. “I feel like I’m home again.”

“So, do I.”

Preyuna fell silent again as Eschia scrubbed an herbal protectant into her red and silver hair.

Feels so good.

“Do you miss it? Home, I mean.”

She thought about Nayla and all of her lovely harem boys. “Yes.”

Eschia unhooked the showerhead and rinsed out the protectant. “I miss it too.”

Another few minutes of silence between the two women.

“Do you think we’ll ever go back?”

Preyuna thought about Robin.

He’s coming.

In two days, that ugly vamp will be here. I’ll ask him to kill Mark Caten in exchange for Isellta’s freedom. And he’ll say yes.

I know, he’ll say yes.

What would possess him to say no?

“Yes. We will go home. We will all be free.”


As soon as Isellta went unconscious, the nae bi sha stopped moving.

He transformed back into his true shape.

His eyes glowed a cold yellow.

His sticky saliva sludged past his thin lips down to his wide chin. It hung there for quite a few minutes before committing to a slow splashdown on Isellta’s bare skin.

I want one bite.

A simple taste test to make sure he’s worth all of this waiting.

He licked his lips.

So much skin.

So much to eat.

Where should I even start?


No, I’m not starting yet.

Just one bite.




But where?

He tapped a sharp-edged finger against Isellta’s chin.


He slid his finger down to Isellta’s throat.

Maybe here.

The side of his neck.

He lingered there to enjoy the warm and steady throb of Isellta’s pulse.

Maybe a tiny nip here.

Or maybe…

His finger meandered down to Isellta’s right nipple.


Isellta moaned in soft single notes as the nae bi sha’s finger circled that spot.



Right here.

One bite.

One simple taste.

He licked the saliva off his lips as he slunk down to Isellta’s chest.

His stomachs grumbled.

I don’t want a small bite.

He opened his mouth wide.

I want a big bite!

I want to devour him now!

“Robin…I’m tired. Why am I so tired? It doesn’t make sense.”

Drat! He’s still awake. But that doesn’t matter. I want a bite. Right now!

“Robin?” His hand landed on the creature’s bald, ridged head. He let out a frightened yelp. “You’re not Robin!” He brought up his knees and hyperventilated. “You’re not Robin! Robin!”


He transformed back into Robin.

Isellta whimpered and tried to back away from him. But they were already up against the wall. There was nowhere for him to back up to. “You’re…you’re one of those monsters, aren’t you? Those monsters that have been chasing me. Biting me. Hurting me, but never leaving any marks.”

“Isellta. What are you talking about? It’s me. I’m me.” He took hold of Isellta’s hand.

“No! Let me go! Let me go!” Isellta jerked his hand out of the nae bi sha’s grip. “You’re going to bite me. You’re going to hurt me. You aren’t Robin. You aren’t Robin.”

“Shhh. It was all a bad dream. Feel my face.”

Isellta hesitated.

“Come on. Feel it.”

“If I touch you, you’ll bite me. I know it. You’ll bite me.”

“I won’t. I promise.”

Tears escaped Isellta’s eyes. “You’re going to hurt me.” He cried helplessly. “Robin. My Robin. Where are you?”

“Isellta. Touch my face. I won’t bite you. I mean it. Listen to me. Listen to my voice, Isellta. Trust me.”

Isellta buried his face in his hands and cried. His shoulders shook.

The nae bi sha huffed out a sigh.

Oh, this is just great. What can I do? How can I win his trust back?

Ah! I know!

“Isellta. Did those monsters ever talk to you? Did they ever whisper words of love to you? Did they ever touch you with kindness and love?”

Isellta uncovered his face and sniffled. “No.”

“Have I ever hurt you the way they did?”


He smiled. “Are you really sure that I am one of them?”

“I…I don’t know.”

“Then, touch me. Isellta, touch my face.”

Isellta hesitantly reached through the dark, searching and feeling for his face. He startled as his fingers made contact with it.

“Go on. Touch me.”

Isellta’s long, delicate fingers searched for the tell-tale scar.

The nae bi sha kept his own hands off.

Let the fey discover the ‘truth’ on his own.

“Uhh!” Isellta found the scar in the corner of his mouth. He followed it up his cheek, his lower eyelid, his eye, his upper eyelid, his eyebrow, all the way to the starting point in the middle of his forehead.


Isellta hugged him. “Robin. My Robin.”

The nae bi sha smirked.

Disaster successfully averted.


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