Part 1367 – Dragons And Hunters At Early Morning Leisure

Sammy opened his eyes. He turned his large head to look at the female dragon sleeping alongside him.

The entire cliff was covered with yellow-orange roses and red roses.

He purred softly. The sound started deep in his throat and rattled all the way up inside his nostrils.

She purred in response.

He rose up on all fours and stretched out his long neck.


He bowed his head. Deliosa.

Do you have any regrets? She raised her head. Was it too soon?

Perhaps. He pressed his forehead’s silver crest against the lowest point of her neck. But I don’t regret it.

She rested her head on top of his head and resumed purring.

For the first time in his life, Sammy felt content with who and what he was. I wish I could stay here with you.

Then, stay.

I can’t. I have to go back to work.

Her purring rumbled to another halt. Samer? Will I see you again?

Of course. I want to see you again.

She raised her head again. I’m not just a one night stand to you?

I don’t do one night stands. Even if I did, you will never be one. I like you.

I like you too. She rose up on all fours and flared out her wings. Are you ready to go home?

He put his nostrils against her chest and exhaled heat.

We could stay here a little longer if you want.

Sammy looked up at the early morning sky. I want to stay, but I really do need to go home.

Then, come.  She leapt up into the air. Follow me.

He leapt into the air and they became skye.


Elsie opened her eyes and smiled.

Hildreth slept on his side. His right hand played pillow for his face. His left hand laid all sprawled just inches from his nose. His right leg was one long straight line pointing down. His left leg bent into a comfortable position.

His expression was calm and relaxed.

I want to tackle him.

I want to.

I want…

She thought about the black shirt box waiting for her at home. The shirt box that certainly did not contain a shirt.

Her smile grew.

I just hope it doesn’t look as weird as it feels.

I hope he likes it.

Elsie ran her fingers through his hair.

I want him to love it.

I want him to look at me and desire me.

I want him to be so turned on by me he won’t even know what to do.

She dug her fingers into his hair.

He smiled in his sleep.

If he laughs at me, I will punch him repeatedly.

Hildreth lowered his left leg and stretched his entire body. “nnngh…mm.” He opened his eyes. “Els.” His voice was blurry and sleep-fogged. “Elsie baby. Is it Sunday now?”

She released his hair. “Not yet.”

“Lemme guess: Three days?”

“And slowly counting down to two.”

He sat up.

“Come midnight tonight, it will be two.”


“Just two more days, Hildreth.”

“Only two more days.” He grinned. “You want me. Elsie Vansing, you want me. You love me. You truly love me.”

Her gaze travelled all over him. “Idiot. How could I not love you?”

He opened his mouth.

She kissed him before he could answer that question.

2 thoughts on “Part 1367 – Dragons And Hunters At Early Morning Leisure”

    1. Have I mentioned that it made me happy to give Sammy someone of his own? Because it totally does. 😀 And it absolutely had to happen before Ambrose’s wedding. Otherwise, I think Sammy would have to stay home.


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