Part 1354 – Well. This Group Of Characters Are Going Home Now.

As soon as the elevator doors opened to the first floor, Ambrose scrambled up to his feet and hurried out to solid, non-moving ground.

Free. Finally free of that death trap.

Robin strolled on out. “I ain’t gettin’ what the big deal is. It’s just an elevator. Big whoop.”

“I can’t help it. It’s a purely involuntary reaction.”

“huh. Wonder what you’d do on an escalator.”

Ambrose frowned. “Escalator. That sounds sinister. What is it?”

“Darnation! How the heck are you 300,000 years old and ain’t knowin’ what an escalator is?”

“I am not that old.” Ambrose paused. “So, what is an escalator?”

“ehh, it’s basically the same idea as an elevator only it ain’t. It’s movin’ stairs.”

Ambrose’s expression blanked out. “Moving…stairs…?” He looked over at Barbara. “Is he joking?”

Barbara giggled. “Nope! It’s a real thing.”

Ambrose tried to visualize it.

He came up with a convoluted, messed up design that involved an elevator, a staircase, and a weight and pulley system with a lot of toothed gears and color-coded levers.

It looked nothing like a real escalator.

Not even close.

He shuddered. “I’m sure I would have problems with it too.”

Robin scoffed. “Big surprise there.”


The bartender shrugged. “Robin comes here when outside hunting isn’t so good. So, it’s pretty much hit or miss. I can’t really remember when I last saw him.”

Hank took another drink of his ginger ale. “Do you know how I can find him?”

“Vampires generally don’t give out their home addresses or phone numbers to random people. After all, there’s no way to tell if someone is an ordinary human or a hunter taking a break. Your best bet is to come back here tomorrow night and see if you can catch him.”

Hank sighed. “I was afraid of that. Thanks for your advice.”

“Not a problem.”

As the bartender wandered off to help another customer, Hank brought up the picture of Dave again.

He woke up with Dave curled against him.

It felt so right.

So perfect.

I just want go home.

Home to my silly, flirtatious Dave.


Robin followed Barbara and Ambrose to Raven’s car.

Ambrose tried to casually stroll over to the front passenger seat.

“Oh no you don’t.” Robin raced around the car, swung the side door open, walloped Ambrose in the process, buckled up, and slammed the door shut.

Ambrose deliberately sat behind his fellow vampire, just so he could punch the back of his seat. “Jerk.”

“Hey. You told me to be your own personal lovemakin’ block. I’m just followin’ your orders.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t have to hit me with the door.”

“Dummy. You shouldna have been in the way.”

Ambrose punched the seat again.

“Do you think he’s really okay?” Barbara asked.

Ambrose leaned forward. “Who? Raven?”

She nodded.


Barbara looked back at him.

“At least, I know if I were him…If you were…”

He imagined Barbara lying unconscious in a hospital bed.

“I wouldn’t be okay if I were him.”

“Is there anything we can do to help him?”

She means it.

To her, it isn’t a matter of asking the expected question just to get it out of the way.

She genuinely wants to help him.

“I’m sorry, love. There’s nothing we can do. I’m sorry.”

Huh. I really mean that.

“I am sorry that I can’t do anything to help Raven or Missy. If there was something, even a small consolation…a small comfort…I would do it for him.”

His fingers itched with the need to touch her hair, to brush against her skin.

“I would do it for you. Barbara. I would do anything for you.”

“I know.” she said softly.


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