Part 1318 – This Is A Dave And Hank Only Chapter. Just So You Know.

Hank ate another semolina ball. He didn’t particularly care for the taste of it, but it gave him something to do while he planned his next move.

How does one find a vampire, anyway? Do they have a local hangout? A vampires only speakeasy? Do I need to know the right people to find them? Some sort of generations old password? Or is it just a matter of standing around looking like an easy target?

Hank watched two black-haired men walk towards the banquet rooms. One was supporting the other.


One thing’s for sure: I’m not going to find any vampires in a restaurant. It’s too public. Vampires seem to like doing their hunting in dark corners and filthy alleys.

That’s what I’ve heard.

His phone rang – the ringtone was the chorus for “Doki Doki Waku Waku”.

His heart leaped.

He answered it on the second ring.

“Hey, Dave.”

“Haaaaank! When are you coming baaaack?”

He smiled. “As soon as I find Isellta’s boyfriend.”

“Oh. I miss you, Hank. I can’t sleep. The room’s too dark. The bed’s too big. I tried to sleep with the light on, but that made me too warm and restless. Plus, I could see that you weren’t here, which made me even lonelier. I had some of Preyuna’s frozen yogurt, but I think I had too much. My stomach hurts.”

I want to run home to him and hug him.

I want to rub his stomach until it doesn’t hurt anymore.

“Hey.” Hank sat up a little straighter. “While I have you on the line, do you have any idea how I’m supposed to find this guy?”

“Well. Go to the bar. Duh. Everyone goes to bars. Even people who don’t drink.”

“Even vampires?”

“Why not? It’s a good place to pick up hot guys.”

Hank smiled.

“That’s where you found me. Do you remember?”

“Yeah. Just so you know, you are an outrageous hormone machine, but I love you.”

“aww. I love you too. Be safe. Don’t get taken in by any hot guys. You’re mine. Don’t forget that.”

I want to run home and just kiss him. “I won’t forget. Love you, babe.”

“Love you too. I’m tired. I’m gonna go lie down.”

“Be sure to lie on your back instead of your stomach.”

“Oh, I know that.”

“And put a pillow under your knees. It will help.”

“I know. I know. Hank. Hank, please be safe. Don’t get yourself killed. I’d miss you way too much.”

“I’ll be careful. I promise.”

“Okay. Now, I really am gonna go to sleep. g’night, Hank.”

“Good night, Dave.”

Dave ended the call.

Hank set his phone on the table. The picture on the main screen was of Dave sitting by a window at a small bar. His elbow was on a table. His chin resting in his hand. He held a pencil between his two fingers and he stared at some point in the distance.

He remembered…


Hank entered the Ugly Cow and Sick Goat Tavern and Bar. He glanced around, not necessarily looking for anyone in particular. It was just a force of habit he’d picked up from being a guard.

He stopped and stood perfectly still.

A young man sat near the window.

The sunlight made his brown hair shine.

His hair looks so warm and inviting. It would be a pleasure to touch it.

The young man sighed and propped his chin on his hand. He stared at something off in the distance. A pencil dangled between his fingers like a long cigarette.

I want him to look at me.

Hank pulled out his phone and snapped a quick picture. He put the phone back into his pocket.

He probably has a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend. Someone who looks like him CANNOT be single. It just can’t happen.

But it wouldn’t hurt to say hi. If he tells me he’s unavailable or uninterested, I’ll think of a way out of it. I’ll save face somehow.

Hank walked over to him. “Hey.”

The young man looked up at him. His face lit up. “Hi!”

“You look lonely over here. You waiting for someone?”

His dark brown eyes sparkled with happiness. “No. Are you?”

Hank sat down. “Not anymore.” He held out his hand. “My name’s Hank.”

The young man put his pencil down and eagerly grabbed Hank’s hand. “Dave. Oh! You’re so good looking! I want to lick you from head to foot.”

Hank smiled and scooted closer to him. “Maybe when I get to know you better.”

“Oh! That is the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me.” Dave hugged him. “Gaah! I just want to wrap you up and take you home!”

Hank laughed. “I don’t know if it’s really that romantic.”

“Huh?” Dave released him. “You want to know me. How is that not romantic?”

“You have a good point.”

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