Part 1312 – Robin’s Rescue From His Point Of View

Robin slouched back in his seat.

Ev’rythin’ is goin’ so well.

When’s it gonna snap?

Who’s gonna snap first?



That other hunter?

Or will it all be Ambrose?

Robin shlumped forward and took another sip of his drink. “mm.”

Maybe we’ll be able to get Ambrose through this dinner and outta the building before Elsie even gets a chance to know he’s here.

He took a longer sip.

It’s three days before the wedding. That ain’t near enough time for him to make an idiot mistake and do the whole kiss and make up with Barbara.

Robin chuckled.

Can’t believe I’m all worried about the stupidhead. If he sinks or swims, it ain’t none of my business. All that matters is me runnin’ to Isellta and bringin’ him home.

He glanced at Ambrose as he laughed at something Barbara said.


That ain’t true.

He matters to me.

He can be obnoxious, especially when he’s tired. And he sure ain’t ever gonna go gay for me.

Not that I want him to.

But he listens to me. He don’t discount my feelin’s for Isellta as dumb gay stuff. He takes them seriously. Heck, he made me realize that I had feelin’s for that stupid fey.

If it weren’t for him…

Barbara looked at Ambrose with so much love it was a miracle they weren’t kissing.

If it weren’t for them…

Robin shuddered as a memory stole over him…


Robin leaned against the wall, panting hard and loud.


He tried to move his arm into a more comfortable position. The pain shot up into his jaw and down to his fingertips.

He groaned.

His hunger tore holes in his stomach.

Every part of his face hurt.


He wanted to just drop on the ground and die.

Why ain’t he comin’ back?

Where is he?

He stumbled forward. “Isellta. Isellta.”

I’m so hungry.

hurt…I hurt…

He reached the end of the secret passage.

His good pupil widened.

His mouth watered at the scent of semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla bean.

He shoved the heavy door open and shambled towards the scent.


so hungry…

His panting grew louder.

The pain in his arm worsened.

But the scent pulled him forward on invisible strings.

so hungry…

He saw her.

A figure in the shadows.

“Who’s there?” she called out.

He growled and kept walking forward.

Someone on the other side of the wall tore through the bricks. Light broke the darkness.

He stopped in the middle of the light to catch his breath.



His legs wobbled.

She asked him a question, but he was too lost in his hunger and pain to make sense of it. He bared his fangs and took one more step forward.

His legs gave out on him and he fell to his hands and knees

The impact made the pain in his arm surge.

He bowed his head and tried to scream, but it came out as a pathetic wheeze.

“Isellta…” The pain overwhelmed him. He crumpled to the ground. “Isellta. Hungry. Hungry. Isellta.” His good eye drifted closed.

Someone grabbed his bad shoulder and shook him.

Robin brought his knees up and groaned. He opened his eye and focused on a man with black hair and black eyes. “Vampire.”

The man asked him something, but it honestly sounded like “blablahblahblah” to the injured vampire.

She knelt beside the man.

smells so good…”Hungry.”

She spoke to him, but his brain refused to register any of it.

“Isellta. Isellta. My Isellta. Isell…” And everything went dark.


I ain’t sure whose idea it was to rescue me.

All I know is they did.

Did I ever thank them for it? I don’t know. Seems like I did, but I can’t remember ever sayin’ it.

If it weren’t for them and Isellta, where would I be right now?

He shuddered again as he considered the most likely answer.

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