Part 1305 – Twenty Minutes Away

Missy leaned forward. “Hey. This drive is taking a really really really REALLY long time. Are we almost there yet?”

Barbara smiled. “Almost. We’re just twenty minutes away.”

“Twenty minutes.” Missy frowned. “That’s too long!”


She looked back at Raven.

He held out his arms and she couldn’t resist.

She gladly returned to his open arms.


Ambrose glanced at Barbara, but he was in a bad spot. He could only see the top of her head.

He smiled as he imagined the intense, serious expression on her face.

Only twenty minutes to go and we’ll be out of this car.

I’ll sit next to her again. Even though I will go half-crazy with wanting to touch her, I’ll be happy. I’ll be sitting right next to her.

My lovely Barbara.


If this was Sunday already, I’d be leapin’ clean out of my skin. I’d wanna jump out of the car and run all the way back there.

Back to Isellta.

Robin closed his eyes.

I already do.

Darn it all!

I do.

He scrubbed his fingers through his hair.

What am I gonna do? When I finally see that stupid fey again, what’ll I do? How will I keep myself from havin’ a full blown, orgasmic incident all o’er the place?

Would he mind if I did?

Would it gross him out?

Would he still love me?

What’ll I do if he rejects me?



Darn darn darn darn DARNATION!

I wanna see him now! Right now!

My fey.

My lovely Isellta.


Barbara kept her focus on the road, but her mind kept rushing back to the black-haired, black-eyed vampire in the back seat.

In three days, I will stand beside him and vow my life and fidelity to him.

Then, from that point on, all bars and bans are dropped. I’ll be able to touch him.

She blushed as she thought of how she wanted to touch him. It certainly didn’t involve just holding hands.

In twenty minutes, we’ll arrive at the restaurant.

And he’ll sit beside me.


My Ambrose and no one else’s.

Not even Elsie Vansing’s.


In twenty minutes, we will arrive at the restaurant.

That will be twenty minutes less on our countdown to Sunday.

Raven looked down at Missy.

Sunday is a mere three days away. So far, so close. I am looking forward to it and dreading it all at once.

Missy and I will have our DNA tested and then. Then, we will know if we can marry or not.

If we cannot…

What if we cannot?

Missy snuggled closer to him. “mm. My pretty shirtless Raven.”

Raven held on to her. “Missy.” He kissed her head. “I love you.”

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