Part 1304 – Flirtations In The Front Seat

“bah bah bah da da da bah da blue whoa whoa whoa mm mm mm and she’ll be mine.”

Yep. Still stuck in there.

Hildreth glanced at Elsie.

She had lowered the back of her seat so she could “rest her eyes for a bit”. That’s what she had said.

But, even in the dark, Hildreth could see that she was sound asleep.

“Elsie. Elsie Vansing. Elsie Vansing thinks I’m hot. Elsie Vansing wants to kiss me. Elsie Vansing wants to marry me. Elsie Vansing wants to take all my clothes off and get all nekked with me. Elsie Vansing wants to do awesome, wildly raunchy things to my manhood.”

None of those statements made her even blink.

He stopped at a red light, unbuckled his seatbelt, and leaned into her space. “Elsie.” He put his mouth close to her ear. “Hmm hmm hmm. Sky is hmm. Whoa whoa whoa. I’ll be hmm and you’ll hmm hmm.”

She opened her eyes a crack. “Are we there yet?”

He kissed her. “Mm. Not yet. I just couldn’t resist your maidenly charms.”

She smiled. “I love you. You know that, right?” She opened her eyes all the way. “I mean it. You know this, don’t you? You’re not sitting there, mentally shipping me with Ambrose, are you?”

He laughed. “And waste some mighty fine brain cells? Not happening. The only person I want to ship you with is me. I want us to set sail into the vast horizon in nothing but a fine wooden boat with excellent room service.”

“And functioning bathrooms, I hope.”

“Of course!” He kissed her again. “Only the best wooden boat for us.”

She dug her fingers into his hair and pulled him into a deeper kiss.

He grabbed the sides of her seat.

I shouldn’t…

Only…only three more days.

We can…

I can…


“Els.” He panted against her lips. “Elsie.”

She slowly opened her eyes.

“Not yet.” he said.

“But I want—”

“So do I. But I can just sense the universe organizing an interruption.”

“Seems like you’re doing that fine on your own.”

“Els. I know. I know this isn’t easy. It would be a whole lot easier to just give up and give in.” He ran his thumbs across her cheekbones. “But some of the best things in my life have come to me because I didn’t give up. Because I held strong. Baby, we can do this. I know we can. It’s only three more days.”

She smiled and shook her head. “This feels backwards somehow. I am the woman. Shouldn’t I be telling you to dial down the hormones?”

Hildreth thought about it. “Probably, but that would make things way too predictable. What would be the fun in that?”


He grinned. “I love you too.”

Hildreth retreated to his seat and drove through the stale green light.

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