Part 1302 – Projected Thoughts On The Way To Pinkerlee

Ambrose rubbed his hands on his knees as if he were trying to give his joints a deep tissue massage.

Why is this so difficult?

His arm muscles twinged.

It isn’t about wanting to sleep with her, even though that is a part of it. I’m not going  to pretend that it isn’t.

His knees vibrated.

It’s more than that.

I just want to touch her. Feel the soft skin of her face beneath my fingers. Feel the crinkled waves of her hair.

I want to kiss her. Feel her lips press against mine. Feel the soft heat of her breath.

I want to hug her. Feel the solidness of her body. Feel her softness. Her heartbeat. Her scent on my skin.

He doubled over.

I want her.

Raven laid his hand on Ambrose’s back. “Are you all right, sir?”

Ambrose shook his head.

I love her, Raven. I love her so much. But I can’t touch her. We promised each other that we wouldn’t touch. Now…It’s all I want.

Raven rubbed Ambrose’s back. “It is all right, sir. You will be all right.”


Barbara couldn’t help overhearing Ambrose’s projected thoughts. She blushed, yet it wasn’t from modest embarrassment.

He loves me. But, of course, I knew that. He’s made that clear in so many ways.

He wants me.

He wants my touch.

I want his touch too.

It feels so strange and unnatural to not touch him in all of my usual ways. To not kiss him. To keep my hands off of his skin, out of his hair. To not hug him and hold him in my arms.

I want to kiss him.

Every time he looks at me.

Every time he teases me.

The sound of his voice.

The way he says my name.

I want him.

I love him.

I have no idea how we’re going to survive these last three days.

Other than complete avoidance behavior.


To not see him at all for three days…

I’d turn stalker. No doubts about it.

I love you so much, kitten.


I should just get outta the car and walk. Pinkerlee ain’t that far.

Robin folded his arms across his chest.

Just way too much lovin’ stuff goin’ on. Missy and Raven are bound to start up at any point.

My pretty shirtless Raven.

There! There she goes!

And I ain’t got anyone to speak love to me.

This is stupid.

I ain’t never been one to go achin’ bad for a lover. Ain’t never had one before. Ain’t never wanted one.

I was happy with just me in my life.

Then, that stupid fey clomped across the street in those red, red heels. All klutzy and clumsy.

And stupid me fell for it.

He looked at me with those innocent, curious eyes and I fell.

He sang to me and I fell without even knowin’ it.



Darn it all! I wish you were here.

Maybe you’d sit beside me.

Maybe I’d tell you to curl up in my lap.

He imagined the feel and weight of Isellta’s body sitting on his legs, curled up against his chest.

Robin’s ears turned red.


Robin closed his eyes and projected his thoughts as far as he could.



Two miles away, a flock of roosting house sparrows awoke in a startled flutter. They nervously glanced around, muttering anxious cheeps at each other.

There was no sight of any danger. So, they settled back into their feathery huddles and went back to sleep.

4 thoughts on “Part 1302 – Projected Thoughts On The Way To Pinkerlee”

    1. Thank you so much! 😊 I’m having so much fun writing this story. It’s easily one of the biggest and most ambitious stories I’ve written — with so many characters and subplots to keep track of.


  1. Another well written chapter. I especially like the last scene with the house sparrows. It’s so quiet and serene, bringing this peaceful close to the chapter. And there’s something about the “feathery huddles” that just sticks in my head. Good writing 🙂👏

    Liked by 1 person

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