Part 1285 – Arriving At The Church (Ambrose And Barbara)

The drive to Pinkerlee took Hank a lot longer than he’d expected, due to a slow down on the highway. He leaned his head back against his headrest and waited for the cars ahead of him to inch forward.

Dave’s really kicked in on that fey.


Can’t really blame him.

Isellta is pretty…for a guy with wings on his back.


Like large bird wings.

Not sure if I like that part too much.

Do fey count as people or are they animals? They have wings and claws, but they have self-awareness.

I don’t know.

I’ll have to ask Jay when I get back.

Jay’s good for answering weirdo questions like that.

As for Dave…


Hank thought about everything that Dave had gone through before they’d met.

He thought about standing guard with him.

About all of their private commiserating sessions about Mark Caten’s brand of awful.

How easy it was to get Dave excited about anything.

Waking up beside him.

Holding his hands.

Kissing him.

“I would do anything for him. Even search a whole city for one scarred vampire.”

The cars ahead of him micro-crept forward.

Hank sat up. “Finally!” He inched his way to the Pinkerlee exit.

I sure hope this won’t take too long.

He turned onto the ramp and headed to town.


Barbara parked the car in the church’s parking lot.

Ambrose sat quiet and still.

She turned in her seat. “Are you okay, kitten?”

He nodded.


He nodded again.

“Don’t be. It’s okay.”

He looked at her with so much longing.

It was more than she could resist.

Barbara got out of the car and hurried over to his door. She opened it for him.

Ambrose looked up at her. “Barbara.”

The soft warmth of his voice and the flagrant desire in his eyes almost broke her resolve.

I want to hug him.

I want to run my hands in his hair.

I want to touch him.

Her gaze dropped to his hands. She remembered how sensitive his palms were, how he had reacted to her touching them.

I want to touch them again.

She imagined his reaction.

The initial startle.

Maybe a gasp.

His breath would turn ragged.

He’d look at me with desire and more.


She blushed and backed away.

He got out of the car and stood before her.

She couldn’t help admiring his body.

He’s perfect.

I want to touch him.

His face.

His neck.

His shoulders.

Her blush deepened.

I can only imagine what he’s thinking.


It would be so easy to run to him, to hug him, to kiss him. So easy and so natural.

Ambrose took an uncertain step forward.

Raven got out of the car through Ambrose’s door and laid his hand on Ambrose’s shoulder. “We ought to go inside, sir.”

Ambrose nodded.

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