Part 1284 – Failing The Sleeping Beauty Test

I feel so warm.

I just hrrash ka kaed with Robin. I’m here in his arms and I feel so wonderfully warm. Preyuna never…

No. I’m not going to think of her.

I don’t want to think of her.

She’s mean to me.

She hurts me.

She doesn’t love me.

She won’t ever love me. All she ever does is yell at me for things I have no control over. She yells at me and hits me and hurts me and…

He caressed Robin’s bare chest.

I don’t love her.

I don’t want her.

“I only want you, Robin.”


Preyuna sat next to Isellta on the bed.

He didn’t move.

He didn’t react.

Is this my fault?

Did I accidentally push him to his shatterpoint?

If he comes out of this…if he survives this, what should I do? How should I treat him?

The same as I have done?

Or should I be kinder and gentler to him?

She remembered how he had hugged her even though he was in pain.

I hurt him.

I assaulted him.

Yet, he hugged me to comfort me.

She traced the outline of his lips with her fingertip.

Stupid boy.

She hesitantly leaned forward.

She kissed him.

It wasn’t Mark Caten’s kiss – ugly, hard, and brutal.

Nor was it Isellta’s kiss – soft, childish, and innocent.

It was her own kiss – powerful and passionate.

But it did not wake him.

Isellta remained still and unconscious.

His lack of a response hurt her more than she expected.

“You stupid boy. Open your eyes. Look at me.” She curled her hands into fists. “I command you to look at me!”

Isellta’s eyes remained peacefully shut.

She let out an anguished cry and punched his shoulder.

Still no reaction.

Jay raced out of the bathroom. “What? What happened?” He ran over to the bed. “Isellta. Is he…is…”

Preyuna got off the bed and went out of her way to push Jay. “No. That stupid, nonsensical child is still in fra nae shi.”

“oh.” He returned to the bathroom and washed his hands.

So, how should I treat him if he survives this ordeal?

If he still refuses to be aroused by me, what am I supposed to do? Nothing? Am I supposed to accept that level of insult from one of my harem members?

Of course not. Why should I? Because he’s weak? Because he’s emotionally delicate?

Because he doesn’t desire me?

How could he not desire me?

How could he prefer that ugly vampire over me?

It doesn’t make sense!

Jay returned to her side.

She shoved him. “Why? Why doesn’t he make any sense?”

He started to frown, but his frown lifted. Sympathy came over his face. “I don’t know.”

Dave entered the room. He twirled in a circle and struck a Ta-da! pose. “I’m baaack!” He lowered his arms. “Hank said he’d be only too happy to go to Pinkerlee for me. As long as I keep myself out of trouble.” He ran over to the bed and jumped onto it. “I don’t know why he thinks I’ll get myself into trouble. I love him. Just him.”

“If you touch my harem member, I will make every single one of your fingers explode.” Preyuna said.

“I’m not touching anything. I’m just sitting here and admiring the sights.” Dave smiled at Isellta. “Such sights.”

Preyuna whispered into her hands and pushed the spell at him.

The magic lifted him into the air and unceremoniously dropped him onto the floor. “Ow!”

“When will your companion leave?” Preyuna asked.

Dave sat up. “Huh? Oh, Hank left some time ago.” His posture slumped. “I miss him already. Oh, that reminds me. I ran into Mark Caten in the hallway. He wants to see you, Preyuna.”

I don’t want to face him.

He’s going to hurt me.

If I don’t go, that will give him one more reason to increase my punishment.

I hate him.

He needs to die.

She thought about Robin arriving on Sunday.

She smiled.

He will gladly kill Mark for me.

I just have to wait three more days.

“I’ll go see him now.” She turned to Jay. “Let me know if there are any changes. Good or bad.”

“I will.”

“Of course.” She flipped her hair over her shoulder and left the room.

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