Part 1282 – Waiting For Raven

Ambrose scrubbed at a stubborn ink stain on one of the lobby chairs.

Who did what with an ink pen over here? I’d like to know.

He clenched his teeth and scrubbed harder.

“Oh, look. Freakin’ bloody voicemail. Again.” Robin ended the call and put his phone back into his pocket. “What’s takin’ Raven so long, anyway?”

“They did have to go to The Cardboard Box and—”

“Yeah. Yeah. I know that. I just don’t get what could be takin’ them that freakin’ long.”

“They have to go to the elevator, take a long torturous ride down in that deathtrap, walk through a maze of corridors to get to the lab, have the technician read and compare their DNA strands, then they have to sit down for the big reveal.”

Robin slouched in his seat and leaned his head back. “ughh. I’m gonna slowly die from boredom. Wake me when he gets here.”

Ambrose stopped his scrubbing and glanced back at Barbara.

She was busy typing some last minute work-related thing on her computer.

He examined the stain on the seat.

It doesn’t look as bad as it did before. I guess I could just leave it like that.

He looked back at her.

Desire caressed his chest and grabbed his throat.

I want…

He thought about her touch, her kiss.

About her in his arms.


He stood with the cleaning cloth still in his hand.

He didn’t hesitate.

He headed straight for her desk.

She raised her head and smiled – a bright, genuinely happy smile.

His heart soared.

How am I this lucky?

Why am I so blessed?

What did I do right to make someone like her love me?

“I love you, Barbara.”

It’s a simple statement and a simple truth. But it is one I fully believe.

“I love you.”

Barbara quickly completed what she was typing. “It isn’t fair, you know.”


She shut down her computer. “You.” She stood. “I want to be good. I want to keep my hands off of you until we’re married. But…Looking at you…Seeing you stand there…Hearing you say ‘I love you’…Ambrose. You’re making it very difficult for me. I want to run to you and hug you. I want you to kiss me.”

“Then, come to me.”

She looked down at her computer. “It’s only three more days.”

“Are you saying that to yourself or to me?”

Her gaze returned to him. “Both.”

“Do you honestly think we can hold strong?”

“Yes.” Her smile turned mischievous. “We’re both very stubborn about what we want.”

“I want you.”

She blushed.

“I want you so much I’ll probably have to go to Confession before we get married.”

She didn’t ask any questions, but her blush deepened.

“Which is why I shouldn’t touch you. Barbara. Only three more days.”

“Only three.”

“It hurts. My arms feel so empty without you in them. It is so difficult to stand here and see you there…standing right there…and not run to you. Oh, Barbara. If you knew…”

“I know. Trust me on this one. I know.”

“Cry me a freakin’ river.” Robin said. “At least you two ain’t separated by thousands of miles.”

Ambrose looked over at him. “Isellta is not that far away.”

Robin hunched forward. “Sure feels like it.”

The front door opened.

Raven and Missy entered the room.

Robin scoffed. “It’s about time.”

2 thoughts on “Part 1282 – Waiting For Raven”

    1. Thank you so much! 😀 It’s a very pleasant surprise to see you over here.

      I really enjoy working on this story with its big, crazy cast of characters. It initially started as a simple “Vampire falls in love with a vampire hunter. Things go poorly.” story, but it’s totally grown in cast and scope from there.


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