Part 1232 – Spying On Isellta

Preyuna tossed her hair over her shoulder and headed straight for the door.


She ignored Jay and opened the door.

“Your Majesty. I’m sorry I grabbed your arm like that.”

She waited.

“And dragged you off the bed. It’s not like me to be that rough with a woman and I’m sorry.”

I doubt it.

“Please. If you’re able to do something…If you can help him…”

“I can’t. Even if I could, he would never come to me. He hates me.”

And rightly so. I’ve hurt him over and over. I’ve disregarded his feelings. I’ve pushed and bullied him.

But that isn’t entirely my fault.

He has frustrated me.

He has angered me.

What kind of treatment did he expect?

She returned to the bed and sat beside Isellta.

“What are you going to do?” Jay asked. “Kiss him?”

“I don’t see how that would help.”

But it is strangely tempting.

She whispered a spell into her hands and held them out in front of her.

A crimson hummingbird with silver wings hovered above her hands. It’s wings twisted and turned in perpetual figure eights.

“Eh qui shu shi fey Isellta Mal Hoven.”

The hummingbird responded with a high squeak.

It disappeared.


In the darkness of his sleep, Isellta could feel the soothing pattern of Robin’s hands rubbing his back. “mmm.”

Robin put his hot, moist mouth on Isellta’s neck and nibbled his skin.

Isellta woke in a rush. “ohh. Ohh.” He pressed his body against Robin. “more. ohhh. uhh. more…”

Robin released his neck. “How much more?”

“umm. I…”

Robin’s hands ducked under Isellta’s shirt.

Isellta let out a delighted yelp.

“How much more?”

Isellta’s heart pounded.

He won’t hurt me.

I know he won’t hurt me.

I trust him.

“Robin.” he said breathlessly. “Do whatever you want to me.”


The hummingbird flew through the darkness. The low, steady thrum of its wings was the only sound until it reached the bottom.

Then, there was another sound.

A tickled, delighted sound.

The hummingbird flew towards it and stopped.

Isellta was on the floor, entangled in another man’s arms and legs and hands. They hadn’t removed any clothes yet, but they were quickly getting to that point.

The man raised his head and looked right at the hummingbird. He grinned, baring his shark-like teeth, and turned his attention back to the eager fey moaning and gasping under him.

The hummingbird disappeared.


Preyuna opened her eyes. “That stupid boy!”

Jay grabbed her fists before she could punch Isellta again. “What—?”

She jerked her hands away from him and got off the bed.

“Preyuna. What did you see?”

She marched straight to the door.

Jay ran over to her. “What did you see?”

She grabbed the doorknob.

He spread his hand on the door and pushed against it, keeping it closed. “Tell me.”

“You want to know? Fine. Your precious Isellta is canoodling with the one thing that can kill him.”

“What? You mean…”

“Yes, stupid guard. I mean that he is throwing himself at a nae bi sha.” She narrowed her eyes. “All because he looks like that ugly vampire. Stupid boy.”

She shoved Jay out of the way.

“Well. What…what can we do?”

“Nothing. He believes that creature is Robin. He will never leave him,” She pulled the door open. “You might as well kiss Isellta good-bye. He is going to die.”

Preyuna left the room.

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