Part 1098 – Bruises And Pain

I hate him.

I hate him and he doesn’t even care.

If I told Isellta “I hate you”, he would have the decency to be hurt by such a statement.

But Mark Caten doesn’t care.

I want to kill him and he sees that as a joke.

Mark Caten rolled over on his side, facing away from her.

Preyuna contemplated smothering him with his pillow.

If it is a joke, the joke is on me.

I can’t kill him. If I do, I’ll be trapped here forever.

But Robin is going to come on Sunday. He is a vampire. I’m sure he won’t have any moral objections to killing Mark Caten for me. Especially if I promise to release Isellta from my harem. How could he resist an offer like that? Why would he? It wouldn’t make sense for him to say no.

So, he’ll kill him.

And Mark Caten will be dead.

I will be free.

She kissed the middle of his back.

In only five days.


Jay checked Isellta’s room.

Preyuna wasn’t there.

He checked Preyuna’s room.

She wasn’t there either.

He marched over to Mark Caten’s room and barged in without any concern about what sort of scene he’d be barging into.

Preyuna pulled the blanket up to her neck. “What do you want?”

“What can I give Isellta to break his fever? Can I give him human medicine?”

“No. Human medicine has too many chemicals in it. It would kill him.”

His shoulders slumped. “What can I do?”

“Nothing. He has to ride it out.”

He frowned. “How can I believe you?”

“I doubt there’s anything I can say to make you believe me. Just know this, stupid human. I am not going to hrrash ka kae with a sick fey. So, no. I did not make him sick. And no. I am not keeping him sick, no matter what you think. Now, get out of here.”

“Is there anything you can do to help him?”

“I said, get out.”

“Can’t you use your magic to—”

Preyuna tossed her blankets aside and got out of bed. She stood before him completely naked.

Jay intended to keep his gaze fixed on her face, but the handprint around her neck caught his eye. It drew his attention down to the bruises blossoming on her breasts and along her sides.

Her eyes turned white. “I said, GET OUT!”

He took a step back.

She whispered into her hands and pushed her magic at him.

Jay was lifted into the air and flung at the door.

He managed to protect his head and neck before the impact. But it still took him several minutes to recover.

Jay stood carefully and rubbed his lower back. “Those marks…”

She threw another spell at him.

The door opened behind him and a strong blast of air shoved him out of the room.

And the door slammed shut.


“Elsie! Duck!”

Elsie obeyed without question.

Hildreth aimed his Bossman 550 and pulled the trigger. The vampire charging at her dropped dead. He spun around and kicked the vampire right behind him. He pointed his weapon at her and pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened.

The vampire tilted her head. “No more bullets?”

Hildreth reholstered his weapon and pulled a stake out of his wrist belt. “Not necessarily.”

She flinched and backed away from him, snarling.

He charged at her.

Another vampire tackled Hildreth, knocking him to the sidewalk. “Run, Jasmine! I’ll find you. I promise.”

She hesitated. “Willis.”


She ran away.

“Aaaarrrrrgh!” Elsie yelled. “Get off of my fiancé!”

Hildreth turned his head and smiled as Elsie ran at them. “Elsie.”

Willis growled and sank his fangs into Hildreth’s neck.

Time went still and cold.

Jagged lines of pain tore through his nerves, shredding them to bits.

The pain paralyzed him. He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t make a sound.

Somewhere someone screamed. An angry, wild, panicked scream.

And suddenly the vampire was no longer on him.

Someone grabbed him and rolled him onto his back. He looked upwards, stunned and lost in the pain.

Someone called his name over and over. Each time, the voice became clearer. Until, at last, it seemed too loud.

But he smiled.

I know that voice.

“Elsie baby.” He focused on her and the pain faded away.



4 thoughts on “Part 1098 – Bruises And Pain”

  1. 😲 Awesome chapter my friend. That last part has me here with mouth wide open so wide flies are starting to building a home there, lol.

    Now you know my editor is lazy and sleeping off a night on the town usually, but he did spot this sentence.
    “He matched over to Mark Caten’s room and barged in without any concern about what sort of scene he’d be barging into.”

    I think you meant to put “marched” instead of “matched.” If I’m wrong , forgive my editor’s high and mighty attitude. He hasn’t had breakfast yet, lol..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and your editor for that correction. I think my Internal Editor was off buying a new bag of Reeses when I typed “matched” instead of “marched”. So, it just kind of slipped past him. 😆

      That whole last part with Hildreth getting bitten was one of those inevitable moments but it shocked me as I wrote it. It was one of those parts I was looking forward to you reading because I just knew that it would shock you too. 😀


        1. Lol. Fair warning: There is another big “OMG! Did that just happen?” moment coming up in one of the later chapters. I’m really looking forward to your reaction.😆 No spoilers here, but I almost wimped out about writing that particular scene. But it was the right moment and it just had to happen. But I’m not saying what “it” is. I’ll just say you’ll know it when you read it. 😉


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