Part 1096 – It Isn’t Me

Robin wrapped his arms around his stomach and huffed out a small moan.

I wanna crumple like paper.

I wanna fall apart.

What if…



No! He wouldn’t.

Isellta wouldn’t do that to me. Not my Isellta. He ain’t like that.

I know he ain’t.

Robin doubled over as if he were in pain.

Five days.

Five days.

Five freakin’ days!

I want him now!

I want him!

I want him.


Oh, why ain’t it Sunday already?


Preyuna watched Isellta sleep.

He shivered.

I could make him well.

I could remove the barrier.

I could let him see and touch and hold Robin when he comes here on Sunday.

She stroked his soft hair.

He’d be so happy. Even if he couldn’t leave with him and he can’t leave with him, those few minutes together would make his day.


Robin is not a part of my harem. He has no right to touch Isellta. Isellta belongs to me.

“uh. uhh. uh.” Isellta opened his eyes. “Robin? Is Robin here? Has he…has he come for me? Is he here?”

Isellta is mine.

“You still have five more days.”

“oh.” He shivered again. “Your Majesty, please. Please release the barrier spell. Let me go to him. Let me—”

“You’re tired, Isellta, and you’re sick. You need to rest.”

“I need to see him. I need to hold him in my arms. I…” He closed his eyes. “uh. uhh. uh. Robin. Ro…”

I hold his happiness in my hands.

He opened his eyes again. “Your Majesty? Is Jay right? Did…did you…did you make me sick?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Jay didn’t say anything about that.”

“He asked you. I heard him.”

She smiled and smoothed his bangs away from his eyes. “It was a dream, Isellta. Just a bad dream.”

“But…” He frowned.

“Besides, why would I make you sick? It doesn’t make sense, Isellta. How can I hrrash ka kae with a sick harem member?”

He shivered. “That’s true. Then…Then, I’m just sick.”

“These things do happen, Isellta.”

Isellta shivered again. “So cold.” He closed his eyes. “Robin. I’m so cold, Robin. Hold me, Robin. Warm me.”

Preyuna rose from the bed and left the room.


That ugly, scarred vampire.

It’s him.

It’s always him.

It’s never me.

Isellta never wants me.

It’s always Robin.


She barged into Mark Caten’s bedroom and marched over to his bed.

He slept on his back. His hands were curled up by either side of his face. He looked so calm and peaceful and innocent.

Almost like a child.

She grabbed one of his extra pillows and whomped him in the face.

“mmph!” His arms and legs flailed out in a startle.

“Wake up!” She whomped his face again. “WAKE UP!”

He grabbed the pillow and jerked it from her. “Oh, cupcake. It’s you.” He smirked.

She wanted to wallop his face again.

“It’s nice to see you eager for a change. Although, I suspect it won’t be as much fun for me.”

“Shut up. I want my freedom.”

He covered his face with his hands and made a disgusted sound. “Oh, how you disappoint me.”

“I don’t care. I want my freedom and you will grant it to me.”

He uncovered his face. “What do I get in return? Make it something worthwhile.”


He frowned.

“You have had me for the past several years. You have used me and hurt me over and over. You have made me do things I would never ask of my harem members. Things I will never speak of. I have done them for you. Year after year. I’m done. You will grant me my freedom and Isellta’s freedom as well.”

“I suppose you’ll take your lovely handmaids with you.”

“Of course.”

He uncovered himself and got out of bed. “No, my sugar-free, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free, nut-free cupcake. That won’t do.” He grabbed her waist. ‘You’re mine, Preyuna, and you will be mine until I say so. Maybe that will be tomorrow. Maybe fifty years from now. You never can tell.”

“I want to go home.”

“So? I want my daughter back. I want Ambrose Smith dead. And guess what? My daughter is still dead and Ambrose Smith is still out there, living it up.”

“That isn’t my fault.”

“I still need you, Preyuna.”


Why him?

Why can’t Isellta want me?

He pulled her in closer and kissed her neck.

“I hate you.”

He chuckled. “Of course, you do.”


2 thoughts on “Part 1096 – It Isn’t Me”

  1. I wonder if I take my contempt for Caten out on my co workers if I’ll lose my job, lol…. Seriously, you always know when to bring that &$@ back into the picture. Great job! 😊👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! You should be okay as long as you don’t beat anyone up. Lol!

      By the way, yes! You’re coming closer to a couple of big moments (but I won’t say what they are 😉 ). I’m totally looking forward to your reaction.


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