Part 1095 – Aleesohna And Robin

Robin pulled a cocktail ring with a large citrine stone out of the bag.

Would Isellta wear somethin’ this flashy? I ain’t so sure. Bet he’d love it all the same.

He returned it to the bag and pulled out another one — a mother of pearl band divided by vertical black lines.

Now, this one. Robin scoffed. He’d go way over excited about this one. He’d go on about parallel lines and how they all make sense and all that stupid fey talk.

He’d smile and flap his wings.

“Hey.” A man who smelled like electricity stopped in front of Robin.

Robin put the ring back into the bag and stuffed the bag into his slacks pocket. “I ain’t got anythin’ for you. So—” He looked up at him and lost his voice.

The man was as electric as his scent. His face was masculine without being coarse and refined without being feminine. His long blond hair cascaded over his shoulders. His light blue eyes spoke volumes of lust. And his clothes clung close to his body, flaunting every major and minor muscle group.

Robin tried to back away from him, but the store front was right behind him. There was nowhere for him to back up to.

“I’ve been dying to meet you. I’ve seen you out on the streets, night after night. You’re so confident. So attractive.”

Words are comin’ out of his mouth, but they sure as heck ain’t makin’ sense.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now.”

Robin opened his mouth to either breathe or say something. He honestly had no idea which.

The man lunged at him and kissed him.

Robin was too stunned to respond to the kiss.

The man kissed him harder and deeper. He pressed his body against him. His tongue entered Robin’s mouth.

What if?

What if this was Isellta?

He moaned as the man’s tongue explored his mouth.

I want this to be Isellta.

I want Isellta.

I just want Isellta.

Robin pushed him away and wiped the man’s saliva off his lips. “Nice compliment and all, but I ain’t innerested. I got someone already.”

The man arched a well-shaped eyebrow. “I don’t see any rings on your finger.”

Robin pulled the bag out of his pocket, grabbed a random ring, and put it on his ring finger.

The man smiled, revealing the most perfect teeth. “That doesn’t count and you know it.” He crowded into Robin’s personal space bubble.

Robin’s knees wobbled.

“Especially since you know you are more than interested. You want me. I can see it in your eyes. I can hear it in your every breath.”

“Don’t matter none. I want Isellta.”

The man scowled, which made him look even hotter. “Don’t be ridiculous. Why would you want a half-fey like him?”

“Stupid. Isellta ain’t half. He’s all fey. Wait.” He frowned. “How you know Isellta?”

The man flared his black wings out. “I am Aleesohna Mal Hoven, fey of the Nor’eastern Woods. Isellta was from my schie a kehn. Not that I want that to be widely known. It will sully my reputation to be even remotely associated with a disgrace like him.”

“Ain’t got a clue what you’re goin’ on about. There ain’t nothin’ wrong with him.”

He scoffed and folded his wings into his back. “Shows how little you humans know. He can’t put his wings away. He doesn’t believe in playing mind games. He doesn’t want to hurt or kill anyone. He has powerful magic, but he will never use it. He’s needlessly emotional.”

“I ain’t seein’ any wrong with any of that. Besides, what about you?”

“What about me?”

“I heard all fey have no scent. You sure ain’t scentless.” He smirked. “I guess you must be half too.”

“Slow-witted, no-brained, low-born human. I have a scent because I’m special.”

“Aww. Ain’t you a special blossom. But you ain’t nothin’ like Isellta.”

“I thank the Creator every day for that.”

“He’s good. He’s gentle and caring and soft and sweet. I love him.”

Aleesohna tilted his head and blinked quickly. “Love?”

The familiar gesture pulled and hurt Robin.

I pushed him away.

It’s my fault he’s gone.

It’s my fault.

All my fault.

He bared his fangs. “Get out of my space.”

“Or what? You’ll bite me? Go ahead. The futility of it will make me laugh.”

“If you don’t beat it—”

Aleesohna smiled and turned into Isellta.

Robin crumpled. “Isellta? Is it really you? My pretty fey. Is it…Is—”

Aleesohna knelt and kissed him one more time.

“Oh!” He moaned a long, wavering note that built up into a confused laugh/cry.

Isellta. Isellta. Isellta.

The fey pulled back and transformed into his true form.

Robin let out a pained cry and tried to slash him with his claws.

Aleesohna teleported to points unknown, leaving the vampire to his hurt disappointment.

6 thoughts on “Part 1095 – Aleesohna And Robin”

    1. Thank you!

      I was initially going to have Aleesohna be a random, really good looking human who genuinely had a crush on Robin. He was going to be a test of Robin’s faithfulness.

      That didn’t last too long. As soon as Robin said that he wanted Isellta, I was like, “Huh. What if he is a fey from Isellta’s hometown?” and it just sort of developed from there.


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