Part 1074 – Heated Dreams

Isellta fell asleep in Preyuna’s arms.

So soft.

So gentle.

So trusting.

Preyuna scoffed. He’s a fool to trust someone like me.

He shivered in his sleep.

She held him closer.

He whimpered.

Does he dream of me?

Are they ever good dreams? Or am I always the monster chasing him and hurting him?

She leaned her face against the top of his head.

I wish Mark were more like you.

His whimpering degenerated into soft cries. “Robin. Robin.”

Her mouth tightened into an angry line.

Of course he’s dreaming about that ugly vamp.

She released him and got out of bed.

I don’t even know why I’m surprised.

She stormed her closet to get dressed.


Isellta fell through a series of dreams about flames shooting out of ovens and burning thermostats and melting thermometers and hot water bottles exploding into fireballs that streaked across the noonday sun.

In all of the dreams, he could sense Robin standing right behind him. But Isellta was unable to turn around.

“Robin, come here. Let me see you. Let me touch you.”

But Robin stayed out of sight.

“Robin.” Heated tears trickled down the fey’s face. “Robin.”

He landed in a new dream where the air was filled with melting red crayons. Each drip turned into a candle flame as it fell to the ground. Puddles of flames rippled orange and black and red reflections of Isellta standing alone.

But Isellta could feel the warmth of the vampire’s body heat against his skin as Robin moved close behind him.

“Isellta.” His voice was spectacular heat inside the fey’s ear.

“Robin.” He tried to lean back against him.

But Robin wasn’t there.

Isellta cried helplessly. “Robin. Robin.”


“‘sellta!” Robin opened his eyes and sat up.

He could still feel the heat of Isellta’s nearness on his chest.

He could almost smell the fey’s non-scent in the air.

But Isellta was not there.

“Isellta?” He glanced around with an aching sort of hope. “You here?”

Isellta did not speak.

He did not appear.

“‘sellta. If you’re here… But you ain’t here. It was just a stupid dumb dream.” He crumpled down to the mattress in defeat. “Darnation!”

Why do I gotta want him this much?

Why me?

I weren’t out there lookin’ for love. Sure not with another guy. Double sure not with some skinny fey.

But he ain’t just some skinny fey.

He’s Isellta.

Soft, sweet, lovely Isellta.

And I love him.

Darnation! I love him.

He sighed.

But it ain’t so bad. I get to see him in six days. After tonight, it’ll be five days. Then, four. Three. Two. And then only one.


And then.

My pretty Isellta.

My Isellta.

Robin closed his eyes.


My stupid sweet fey.

4 thoughts on “Part 1074 – Heated Dreams”

    1. Thank you!

      For the record, I am so looking forward to writing the whole scene when Robin and Isellta finally get to see and touch each other again. It’s going to be an awesome moment. As for whether it happens on that expected Sunday or not…. 😉 We’ll see.


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