Part 1063 – Missy And Her Tired Raven

Ambrose pulled his clothes out of the dryer and dumped them into the laundry basket.

“Nngh.” He rubbed his forehead as a wave of dizziness crashed over him. “Dawn.”

He set the basket on the floor and weaved his way upstairs.

If I’m going to collapse, I will not do it with a loaded basket in my arms.

He clenched his teeth and rubbed his forehead again.

It would be very undignified.

Ambrose walked through the kitchen and into the main hall. He gave the staircase a weary glance.

Nope. Not happening.

He staggered into the living room.

Only to find Raven sprawled out on the couch.

Ambrose sighed.

I don’t feel like dealing with anything right now. Just wanna sleep.

He grabbed the throw off of the couch, since Raven wasn’t using it, and dragged it over to the nearest armchair. He curled up in the chair, covered up, and fell asleep.


Robin came home.

He poked his head into the living room and found his fellow vampires completely zonked out.

“Good. They’re both safe.”

He headed up to his room and crawled into bed.

He rolled onto his back.


My sweet, soft Isellta.

Robin closed his eyes.

As he drifted off to sleep, he could have sworn that he felt Isellta’s hand stroking his forehead over and over.

It made him smile.


Missy finished reading “The Mysterious Mr. Collins” by John Grisham. It wasn’t quite to her liking. Too many courtroom scenes. Not nearly enough romantic moments. Barely any vampire scenes.

Yet, it was a very interesting take on the whole Barnabas Collins mythology.

“I want Raven to read it and tell me what he thinks.” She stretched her arms out and yawned. “Ohh! What time is it anyway?” She looked at the kitchen clock. “Oh! I guess I should get some sleep even though it’s already morning so I should be wide awake.” She contemplated her state of mental alertness. “Guess I will get a couple of hours’ sleep.”

Missy rose from her seat and walked out into the living room.

Raven slept on the couch with no blanket or throw.

Missy came over to him. “You look so cold and uncomfortable.”

He didn’t respond.

Missy didn’t give it another thought. She pulled his limp body up into a sit and hoisted him over her shoulder.

She carried him up to his room and tossed him onto the bed.

He made a slightly perturbed sound as he rolled over on his side.

Missy climbed on the bed.

She sat beside him and stroked the hair out of his eyes.

“nngh.” He opened his eyes a crack. “ammmaidf?”

“No. Not really.” She grabbed him under his arms and dragged him up to the pillows.

He startled fully awake. “What? What? What?”

“Calm down. I’m just going to cover you up.”

“What? Oh! I.” He wobbled up into a sit. “I need to change. I cannot sleep in these clothes.”

“Oh, yes you can. I give you permission.”

“What? Ha. Ha. Funny. Please leave so I may change.”

“I’d rather stay.”

He gave her a long look before flopping back onto the pillows, completely unconscious.

“Hmm. If I leave him all dressed up like this, his clothes will get wrinkled and he’ll be bent out of shape. I guess I could help him out. At least, take everything off his top half. That seems fair. After all, his shirt will definitely get wrinkled. His slacks…ehhh. Not so much.”

She unbuttoned his suit coat.

Raven didn’t react.

She pulled his arms out of his sleeves.

He still did not react.

She unfastened his tie and tossed it over her shoulder.

Zero reaction.

She unbuttoned his shirt.


No reaction.


No reaction.


No reaction.

All the way down to his waist.

Absolutely no reaction.

She unbuttoned his cuffs, untucked his shirt, removed his shirt.

He might as well have been dead.

Missy watched the rise and fall of his chest. She laid her hand above his heart and felt its strong and steady beat.

“He’s going to live forever. No hunter will want to stake someone this pretty. Unless they do it out of jealousy, that’s possible, or Antioch pays them an obscene amount of money, that’s possible too, or he makes the wrong hunter angry, that just isn’t possible. No one could get angry enough to stake someone like him. That would be like someone defacing the Mona Lisa because they were in a bad mood. That just isn’t realistic.”

She stroked his chest and loved how solid it felt.

She kissed the middle of it.

“mnnngh.” he moaned.

She slowly kissed her way up to his neck.

“oh. uhh. uhhnn.”

She kissed his throat, his chin, his mouth.

He opened his eyes.

She pulled herself back.

Raven sat up and glanced at his bare chest. “Oh. Oh.” He quickly covered the white marks on his neck with his hands.

“Raven.” She gently removed his hands from his neck. “I don’t care about that. It doesn’t gross me out or freak me out or make me think ‘Eeeugh! My boyfriend is the Phantom of the Opera because he has fang marks on his neck.’ I love you. I think you’re pretty even with your vampire mark.”

“Truly, miss?”

“Absolutely truly.”


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