Part 1060 – Vampires’ Interlude

Missy opened the fridge door and contemplated its insides. “Ehhh. None of this stuff is all that inspiring.”

She opened the freezer. A large bag of ice cubes sat in solitary confinement. “Not inspiring at all.”

She closed both doors and sighed.

The kitchen door opened and Raven entered the room.

Missy shook her head. “We need to go food shopping before I starve to—-”

He hugged her.

She didn’t question it. She simply hugged him back.

“I love you. I love you, Missy. I love just you.”

“I love you too.”

He kissed her.

She had absolutely no objections.


Ambrose carried his bags of new clothes down to the laundry room. Raven had insisted on them being washed before being worn.

He was very, very insistent.

“No.” and “I don’t need to wash them.” and “What? They’re clean.” had made Raven borderline violent.

Ambrose stuffed the clothes into the washer, put in the detergent, and started the machine.

What would he do without Robin and me? Who would he mother hen over? Missy, I guess. When is he going to propose to her?

He smiled and headed upstairs. If I’m guessing right, he’ll propose as soon as he gets his hands on a horse and carriage.

Huh. He used to be a butler. Does he even know how to drive a carriage? Ambrose tried to imagine it and gave up with a shrug. Maybe. Or maybe he’ll make things simple for himself and hire a driver.

He laughed. Raven will be lucky if he manages to get through his whole proposal. She’ll guess what he’s up to as soon as she sees the carriage. She’ll say yes before he can say a word.

I can’t imagine her rejecting his offer.


Robin left the Your Junk = My Treasures store with a stunned smile on his face.

I gotta bring Isellta here.

Half of the stuff is sure junk. But I’m thinkin’ he won’t care. He’d be completely enthralled.

He laughed as he imagined it.

Oh, I wanna see him again.


I wanna hold him. I wanna touch his pretty face and kiss him and…DARNATION! I just want him so bad.

And I will see him again.

This Sunday I will. I’ll take him in my arms and…

His heart raced.

And who knows what will happen then? Pretty sure I’ll totally disgrace myself and be a mess. A big stupid emotional sobbin’ slobberin mess.

And I’ll take him home.

I’ll take my soft, sweet Isellta home and life’ll be amazin’. I’ll never be mean to him again. Never hit him again. Never make him cry again. Maybe I’ll still confuse him with my human nonsense. Can’t help that. I ain’t fey.

But we’ll be together.

My Isellta.

My Isellta and me.

Darnation! Why ain’t it Sunday already?



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