Part 1047 – The Advantages Of Being Part Dragon

Preyuna stood on the other side of the door. The expression on her face rivaled anything that Medusa herself could come up with. “He isn’t dead, is he?”

Isellta looked at her and he saw the truth.

He’s right.

Mark Caten’s right.

“You didn’t kill him. I don’t know why I’m surprised.” Her eyes turned white. “Surprised and bitterly disappointed.”

I’ve hrrash ka kaed with her and I don’t love her. I’ve always done it for a practical reason. Not for love.

He’s right.

Mark Caten’s right. I am nothing.

I am filthy.

I’m just a whore.

She punched his right shoulder with all of her angry might.

He whimpered.


He turned from her and ran.

Robin doesn’t seem to mind, but if he knew the full truth…he’d hate me. He wouldn’t want to be with me. He wouldn’t want me. He wouldn’t love me. He wouldn’t want me to…He wouldn’t want me to…

Isellta reached the iron wall. He lowered it in a quick gesture and kept running all the way back to Jay’s room.


Isellta stopped in front of Jay’s door and banged his fists on it. “Let me in! Please let me in.”

The door opened and, of course, the magic barrier pushed Jay back. “Isellta?”

The fey took a couple of steps into the room and sank to his hands and knees. He melted into tears.

Jay tried to run to him. Only to be pushed back. “Kid, what’s going on? What happened? Are you hurt?”

He nodded. “I’m…I’m disgusting. I’m worthless. Utterly worthless.”

Maelin got out of bed and wrapped herself up in a fluffy pink chenille robe. “You know that isn’t true, Isellta.”

“It’s true. I’m nothing but a whore.”

Jay scowled. “Who told you that?”

“Mark Caten.”

“Oh, look at that. The pot calling the kettle black.”

Isellta raised his head.

Pot calling the kettle black.

A tea kettle? But those aren’t black.

What does that even mean?

He sniffled. “I don’t know about any pots or kettles, but he is right.”

Jay tried again to approach him.

Only to be pushed back again.

Maelin walked up to him. She knelt in front of him without any problems.

Isellta gasped. “How is this possible?”

“I’m part dragon. Dragons aren’t affected by fey magic. Not even queen fey magic.”

He backed away from her. “Are you going to hurt me?” His wings flittered nervously.

“Isellta, you know me. You know I would never hurt you.”

He rubbed away his tears and rubbed his nose.

“Do you want me to touch you?”

He nodded.

“Can I hug you?”

Another nod.

She held out her arms.

He crept closer to her and rested his forehead against her collarbone.

She hugged him and pulled him in closer.

Isellta closed his eyes. He hesitantly hugged her as if he expected either her or Jay to slap him and push him away.

“It’s all right, angel. You’re all right.”

He hugged her tighter.

His wings went limp on his back.



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