Part 1043 – Knock, Knock


Today has been one of the most rotten, horrible, unbearable days of my life. And, considering the kind of person I work for, that’s saying a lot. I really don’t want to talk about it……or I guess, write about it. I don’t know. I wish I could start this day all over and correct all of my mistakes.

I wish I could have protected Isellta.

She has him now. 

……………………………………I can’t touch him. I can’t go near him. No one can. And Robin is coming on Sunday. How is that going to work out? Badly. I just know it. Oh, Mae. I wish you were here right now. I need you to be here right now.

Jay set his pen down in the journal. He leaned back in the rocker.

Vague memories of light and waves played in his mind. He scrunched his eyes shut and tried to remember more.

He couldn’t.

He picked up his pen and resumed writing.

I almost died today.

Surprisingly enough, it was not MarkCaten’s fault.

It was my own fault.

I tried to push my way through some powerful magic keeping me from going near Isellta. I made it all the way over to him. I hugged him. The magic cracked something inside of me. I’m not sure what.

(Maybe my ribs?? Don’t know.) 

It pushed me to the other side of the hallway and…….


I don’t know.

I saw something. A beach? Maybe. I only remember light and waves. And…..

I wasn’t alone.

I wish I could remember more. But it’s like remembering a distant dream.

If it was a dream.

I don’t think it was. 

Someone knocked on his door.

Jay closed the journal and put it under the rocker. He answered the door.

A delighted smile stretched across his face. “Mae!”

“Hi, Jay.”

“Are you really here? Are you—-”

She kissed him. A sweet, simple kiss that quickly escalated into hot and heavy breathing and a whole lot of touching.

“Mae.” He leaned his head back as her hands slipped underneath his shirt and caressed his skin. “Mae. Ohhh.”


Isellta set his suitcase on the floor.

I can’t stay in that other room.

I can’t face those monsters.

He tried to turn the doorknob.

It was locked.


Isellta raised his fist to knock.

What if he doesn’t want to see me?

What if he has the door locked to keep me out?

He lowered his fist and took a step back.

I could break the door down.

But that might make it easier for the monsters to come inside.

And he might yell at me for breaking his door.


And it’s my fault he got hurt.

I’m sure he’s thought it.

I’m sure he knows and…he doesn’t want me anymore.

But I have to try.

He stepped forward and knocked on the door.

No response.

He knocked again.

No response.


One last knock.

No response.

He spread his hand on the door.

“I’m sorry, Jay.” He said it so softly there was no way for Jay to hear it. But Isellta hoped that somehow he would.

Whether he did or didn’t, the response was the same: No response.

“I’m sorry.”

Isellta picked up his suitcase and headed back to his former room.


His heart raced as he came closer and closer to that room. His throat ached. His breathing grew louder and faster.

And his wings wouldn’t stop flittering.

“Hey there, doll face!”

His wings went still.

Dave sashayed towards Isellta.


Dave wasn’t wearing his guard uniform. He was wearing a red-orange V-neck with black sweatpants and army boots.

Isellta stopped and considered the other man’s face: his well-chiseled cheekbones, his dark brown eyes, the green and blue streaks in his mouse-brown hair. He smiled.

He’s pretty, but he isn’t my Robin.

“I love the new look. Very sweet and—-” He licked his lips. “—-decadent. So much bare skin. So tantalizing. Like a chocolate candy all bundled up in a shiny wrapper.”

Isellta folded his wings against his back.

“And do I ever want to unwrap you and eat you.”

Isellta perked up as an idea came to him. “Would you mind walking me to my room?”

Dave grinned. “Would I mind? Uhhh, try the answer….no. I wouldn’t mind at all.” He tried to come closer to the fey. Only to get pushed back.


“Not a prob, doll face.”


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