Part 997 – Seduction

Isellta ran into Jay’s room, closed the door, and locked it. He climbed into his bed and curled up with his pillow.

I’m safe.

I’m safe.

The monsters can’t hurt me in here.

This room is sacred.

This room is safe.

I’m safe.

I’m safe.

I’m safe.

The door is locked.

She can’t come in.

I’m safe.

He took a breath and exhaled.

Kill Mark Caten.

He shuddered.

I can’t.


That’s the problem. I can. I’m fully capable of doing it.

Isellta released his pillow and sat up. He looked down at his palms.

I know the words to say. I feel the power inside my palms always hoping and waiting to be unleashed.

But if I did.

He is not a nice person.

Maybe he does deserve to die.

But if I did it.

If I killed him, I’d have to live with it.

I have enough that I’m living with. I don’t want that too.

But if it will set Her Majesty and me free.

But what if it doesn’t?

He flopped back down on the bed.

Kill Mark Caten.

I can’t do it.

I can’t kill him.

But is that right or wrong?

Maybe I should.

It will set Jay free.

Maybe it is the right thing to do.



Preyuna sat down at the kitchen table.

He walked out on me.

He disrespected me.

He threw me at the kitchen door.

He helped protect Mark Caten.

He refused to kill Mark Caten for me.

He’d rather be with that ugly, deformed vampire than be with me.

And, most offensive of all, he rejected my offer to help him, to protect him.

I can’t let any of this slide.

I am Queen of the Fae. I will not be rejected by one of my subjects. He belongs to me.

He will submit to me.

And I think I know how.

She rose from her seat and left the kitchen.


Isellta perked up. “I wonder what other CDs Jay has hidden in his closet.” He scrambled out of bed and went into the closet.

He pulled out the box he’d found the John Denver cd in and flipped through it.

“‘Angel: Live Fast Die Never’? What’s that? It’s music from some sort of TV series. Interesting.” He set that one aside. “Les Mis: The Disco Party Mix, David Bowie’s Best Singles—”

The bedroom door opened.

Isellta stiffened.

I locked the door.

I know I locked it.

Someone walked up behind him. “Isellta.”

Isellta stumbled up to his feet. His heart pounded in his head and in his chest all at the same time.


Isellta hugged him tight and laughed deliriously. His wings flapped. “Oh, Robin! My Robin. My wonderful, lovely Robin. You said you’d never come back to me. I thought…I…I th—thought—Oh, Robin! I thought that you’d never—-”

“I’m happy to see you too. What do you say we…?” Robin unbuttoned the two shirt buttons above the fey’s wings and stopped. “Well?”

Isellta released him and stared at him in speechless wonder.

Robin unbuttoned the last button and the shirt collar sagged. “What do you think?”

“You want to hrrash ka kae with me?”

Robin stroked the nearly transparent feathers below the fey’s throat.

Isellta gasped and couldn’t exhale.

Robin’s hands moved to the back of the fey’s shirt. His fingers toyed with the buttons below his wings. “Do you want to?”

Isellta smiled wide. “Uh-huh.”


“If the phoenix died, you’re supposed to burn its ashes so it can be reborn. It’s common knowledge, moron.” Mark Caten sighed. “I really do need to stop hiring stupid people. Bye.”

Jay thought about Isellta.

I hope he’s okay.

Well. If he’s in the room with the door locked, he should be safe. Preyuna can’t teleport into the room. She has to open the door like everyone else.

I hope…

Oh, shoot!

He felt his pockets and, sure enough, felt a familiar rectangle in the right one.


Mark Caten scowled at him.

“My Divine Lord and Supreme Master. I need to run something back to my room. May I please be excused?”

“Yes. I really need to stop hiring idiots. If you leave me, who’s going to guard me?”

“I’ll be real quick. I swear, I’ll be back—-”


“I just want to put my phone away.”

“Not interested. Stay put.”

“It’s important.”

“Not as important as me. Stay.”

“But I ne—”

“Don’t care. Stay.”

Darn! Isellta won’t be able to talk to Robin when Mae calls.

He sighed. I guess I’ll deal with that issue tonight.



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