Part 968 – Robin’s Ruminations

Raven knelt beside the couch. “Missy.”

“Is he gone?”


She sat up and rubbed her teary eyes.

“I am sorry. I should have known better than to trust him. Missy, I’m so sorry.”

New tears fell down her face. “I can’t believe he did that just to spite you.”

“Unfortunately, I can.”

“I trusted him I believed that he wanted to help me I thought…”

Raven sat on the couch and hugged her.

She melted into his arms.

“We both trusted him far more than he deserved.”


Robin got out of the shower and trudged into his room to get dressed.

He put on his underwear and slacks and went on a mad hunt for one particular shirt.

“Oh. Right. That was the shirt I was wearin’. And it’s downstairs in the living room. And Raven probably threw it into the washer already. Darn stupid mother hen.”

He dropped onto his bed and stared up at the ceiling.



Even though he hated the feel of it, Robin traced the line of his scar from forehead to jaw.

I am damaged.

I was pretty good lookin’ before, but now I ain’t. I’m just all damaged.

Can someone as lovely as Isellta really find me all that attractive? Or is he just playin’ mind games with the ugly vampire?

How can I know?

How can I be sure?


Seven days.

What if he pushes me away?

What if he tells me I ain’t worth his time and effort?

What if he really don’t love me?

What will I do?

Maybe I shouldn’t go.

Maybe I should just stay here and wait for him to come runnin’ to me. Then, I’d know for sure he loves me. He wouldn’t come runnin’ over here just to diss me to my face. He ain’t that nonsensical.

Robin closed his eyes.

But if I don’t go…

If I just sit on my bum over here with the hopes he’ll come to me…

What if he don’t come?

I need to see him again.

Real life face-to-face see him again.

I can’t stand just seein’ him on a monitor. I need to see him for real.

I need to touch him.

Hug him.

Kiss him.

I need him to touch me back.

Hug me.

Kiss me.

Just love me.

I know I don’t deserve it at all, but I just want him to love me.

If he can.

I’ll know the truth.

In seven days.


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