Part 967 – Antioch’s Confession

“Hmm!” said Missy. “I had no idea that he looked THAT good without a shirt.”

Raven smiled. “Should I be jealous?”

She shook her head. “No one looks as good as my shirtless Raven.”

He leaned in to kiss her.

The front door banged open and slammed shut. Someone stomped into the room. “Well. I’m back.”

Raven stood. “That took a lot longer than I had anticipated, sir.”

“Well, The Institute isn’t exactly across the street, my lord.”

“That does not matter, sir. You should have come back sooner. Do you have her memories?”

Antioch took a deep breath, held it, and let it go. “No. Those memories…They’re gone.”

Missy stood. “Gone? What do you mean ‘gone’?”

Antioch didn’t look at her. “My colleagues were a bit…”

Raven walked up to him. “Answer her question.”

“They’ve been purged out of our system.”

Missy gasped.

Raven gaped. “Purged? What? I do not understand, sir.”

“One of my colleagues took it upon himself to delete her memories from all of our databanks.”

Missy cried out.

Raven ran to her.

She crumpled into his arms. “Then, I’ll never know I’ll never knowI’llneverknowI’ll…” She burst into tears.

Raven hugged her and leaned his face against the top of her head.

I want to speak comfort to her, but what can I say? Her memories are gone for good.

He guided her down to the couch. “I will be right back.”

She laid down on her side and brought her knees up.

Raven turned around and extended his claws. He stalked over to the older man. “Answer me this, sir: Did you have anything to do with her memories being purged?”

Antioch’s face turned pale.

“Answer me.”

“Yes.” he whispered. “It was my idea.”

Raven snarled. “I am sorry, sir. I was unable to understand you.” He touched his index finger claw against Antioch’s throat. “Speak louder so that I and Missy can hear you.”

Antioch swallowed hard and kept his focus on Raven. “I said yes. It was my idea. I wanted to hurt you. I knew this would hurt you.”

Raven roared and slashed him across the face. His claws didn’t break Antioch’s skin, but Antioch clasped his hand to his face and shrank away from his lord.

“She trusted you. Missy trusted you. I trusted you to do this one thing for me. It was only one thing, sir.”

“It’s never one thing. It’s always you lording over me. I’m sick of it. I am no one’s minion. I am no one’s trained dog. I am Antioch.”

Raven strode up to him and slashed his face again. “I am your lord, Antioch, and you will learn your place. Sir.”

“Or what? You’ll stake me?”

“I can arrange for that to happen. Now, you will answer me: Is there any other way for her to regain those memories?”

Antioch glared belligerently at him. “Yes. She’ll have to find Jeff Farsigh. He’ll be able to answer her questions. Those answers will undoubtedly spark memories in her mind. May I go now? I have work to do.”

“Is Jeff Farsigh still alive?”

“I don’t know, my lord. I never saw need to keep tabs on him. May I leave?”

“Yes. If I need to speak to you again, I will be sure to let you know. Sir.”

Antioch cast a look at Missy.

Raven bared his fangs and growled. “You will stay away from her. Go!”

Antioch turned around and left.

2 thoughts on “Part 967 – Antioch’s Confession”

    1. 😆 But Antioch would probably prefer to be killed off rather than have Raven as a lord. So, maybe keeping him alive is worse than killing him?

      On a side note: If you think he deserved to die here, just wait until he shows up again. You’ll really want him dead. 😀


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