Part 936 – Arrival And Stressing Out

Ambrose pulled out his cleaning supplies and got busy.

As he vacuumed around the chairs in the lobby, his thoughts turned to Barbara in a white poofball of a gown and a wondrously long white veil. He imagined her walking down the aisle, holding a bouquet of white daisies.

The mental image made him smile for so many reasons.

After tonight, we’re down to only seven more days.

Only a week, Barbara.

And then…

Our life begins.


Robin dropped into his favorite booth at the bar.

It was a shadowy spot.

Not a lot of customers back there.

The servers tended to seat customers in that corner and forget all about them. The customers would always get offended and leave.

The servers, however, never forgot him.

He leaned back in his seat and watched the parade of sights and scents.

If Isellta appeared right now, I ain’t so sure what I’d say or do.

Probably make a stupid scene, sobbin’ and huggin’ him and actin’ like a love sicked girl.


That would be me.

Love sicked girl #12.

He covered his face with his hands.

Darned fey.

The waitress set his drink on the table. “Will there be anything else?”

Her powdered sugar donut scent made him uncover his face. “Yeah. Gimme your wrist.”

She smirked. “Not my neck?”

“Nah. I like your smell. Might wanna bite you again.” He shrugged. “Can’t do that if you’re dead.”

“True.” She held out her left wrist. “It’s all yours, cowboy.”

He grabbed her hand, turned her wrist to the right spot, and buried his fangs deep into her skin.

She gasped, but didn’t pull away.

He drank until the blood high hit him.

His last conscious thought was of Isellta.


Maelin left the Pinkerlee train station and headed towards town.

Even though she was well aware of all the things that could go wrong, she wasn’t worried.

She thought about Jay and peace covered her like a fur coat – all thick and warm.

I love how good he is with Isellta.

And when he hugs him…

She smiled.

I guess I should be jealous of how close they are.

Maybe I am.

Just a little.

But it makes me happy to see my man be so affectionate to someone other than me. To someone who needs it so much.

Someone so vulnerable.

And Isellta thrives with his affection and attention. If I could offer him more…

She looked up at the night sky.

It called to her dragon self in a unspoken voice, pulling at her to release her wings and fly away.

She closed her eyes and imagined her back muscles moving in powerful strokes.

The air blowing past her scales.

Her neck – long and lean.

Her tail – stretched behind her as a counterbalance.

She’d open her mouth and let out a joyful cry that sounded like trumpets and oboes.

Maelin opened her eyes and she could still feel the ache of her dragon self wanting to fly.

But I am not a full dragon.

I cannot transform.

I cannot fly.

Her gaze returned to Earth.

“I need to find Robin.”


Robin took another sip of his drink – a blue ombre cocktail that tasted like strawberries and watermelon.

I don’t get how a blue drink winds up tastin’ like a pink drink, but don’t matter. Tastes good. That’s all that counts.

He set the drink down and stared at the beveled rim.


Here it is.

Big question time.

What do I do?

Easiest thing would be just…stay here.

Forget him.

His chest ached as he thought those two words.

Yeah. That’s a great idea. Not.

So, what?

Go back there?

Face him again just to have him tell me all over again that I ain’t nothin’ but a misaligned, ill-informed, whole lot of damages?


That’s exactly what I want. It’s been a long time since I’ve been verbally squished into the size of a pinto bean.

He took another sip.

“Yeah. Fun times had by all.”



Stayin’ here = No.

Goin’ after him = No.

What the heck am I supposed to do?

What’s in between stayin’ and goin’?


He raised his head.

I could call him. A big shot like Mark Caten has to have his number listed.

I could call him.

I could talk to him.

I could hear his voice.


That ain’t what I want.

I want.

I want the whole experience.

I don’t wanna just talk to him.

I wanna touch him.

I wanna see he’s really there.

That stupid smile.

I want to hold him in my arms.

I wanna…

Isellta appeared in his mind – wide-eyed and innocent. He tilted his head and smiled. His wings fluttered in a happy, relaxed gesture.

Robin’s fingers tingled. His knees shook.


Darn it!


He took a quick drink to steady himself.

It didn’t help.

He pushed the drink aside and leaned his head into his hands.

Gaaah! How could I have fallen so bad for somethin’ that ain’t even human?

I don’t get it.

But he’s so…

And he’s so…

I want him so freakin’ bad.


What do I do?

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