Part 935 – No Barbara Tonight

Ambrose entered Sammy’s Place, all keyed up and ready to see Barbara again.

Sammy sat at her desk. “Hello, Mr. Smith. Long time no see.”

Ambrose shrugged. “Been busy werewolf sitting. Where’s Barbara?”

“I gave her the night off.”

“Oh.” Ambrose frowned. “Is this part of your ploy to keep us separate during working hours?”

“No. Not this time. I want to talk to you, Mr. Smith. Come here.”

Ambrose swallowed hard, but obeyed.

“Your work ethic here has been very…I think the nice term is scattershot.”

“Sammy, I—”

“Let me finish. I know you’ve had things going on. Difficult things. Vampire things.” He sighed. “Werewolf things. But the point is you have missed a lot of working days.”

Ambrose was about to object, but he thought it over and saw Sammy’s point. “Yes, sir. I have.”

“My question is: Where do we go? How do we go forward from this point?” He lined up Barbara’s ballpoint pens along her computer’s keyboard. “Personally, I see two open avenues: I let you go or I keep you on at a lesser pay.”

“A lesser pay?”

“Until you can show me that you’re serious about doing a good job here. But it’s up to you, Mr. Smith. Do you still want this job? Or do I let you go?”

“Yes. I want this job. I need it. I’m sorry about my poor performance history. I could make excuses, but I understand that isn’t good enough. I will do better. If you keep me on, sir, I will do better.”

Sammy added one more pen to the line up. “Can I trust your word, Mr. Smith?”

“Yes, sir. If you doubt me, ask Barbara. She’ll tell you how I am about keeping my word.”

“Speaking of which, your wedding is in—”

A red pen exploded, startling Ambrose.

“Well, anyway. It’s coming soon.”

A blue pen rose from the keyboard and repeatedly bashed its tip against the desk.

Ambrose smirked. “A little tense about it?”

Sammy grabbed the blue pen and laid it on the keyboard. “A little. I would like to know one thing. You are aware of my feelings for Miss Addleston.”


“You are aware of my…delicate emotional state.”

Ambrose laughed. “Well, isn’t that a dainty way to put it? What do you want?”

“It isn’t what I want that matters. It’s her. It’s…It’s you. I know what she wants. I’m uncertain of you. Do you want me to come to the wedding?”

The question surprised Ambrose.

“I already told her no, but I’ve been thinking about it. I.” His expression turned tightly neutral. “I know she would like me to come. I would like to come.”

“Guess the question is: Weddings are big, emotional events. Can you handle it? Or are you going to incinerate the wedding party with your emotions?”

Sammy didn’t reply.

“Because if you can rein it all in and if she really wants you there, I have no objections.”

“Hm. I wasn’t expecting that response.” He smiled slightly.

The red ink splatter on the keyboard turned into a connected line of rubies.

“You may get to work, Mr. Smith.”

Ambrose dipped his head in a slight bow. “Thank you, Sammy.”


2 thoughts on “Part 935 – No Barbara Tonight”

  1. “Speaking of which, your wedding is in—”

    A red pen exploded, startling Ambrose.

    “Well, anyway. It’s coming soon.”

    – LOL. Any scene with Sammy is priceless. Awesome exchange between the two rivals 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😀

      This scene was the result of something I thought about while writing the whole Watching Over Kevin storyline. Ambrose missed a lot of working nights while he was with Kevin. And he never thought to explain the situation to Sammy. Which meant that Sammy had to address it at some point.

      And yes. Sammy is awesome. I recently wrote a Sammy-centric chapter and it made me happy. I could say why it made me happy, but that would be a spoiler. 😉


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