Part 875 – Characters In Motion

Isellta got dressed and left the bathroom.

He found Maelin sleeping on the bed.

“Oh.” He left her there and settled down on the rocking chair.

So, the question is: What is true? Everything that Queen Preyuna said? Or everything that I hope for?


The question is even more basic than that: Would Her Majesty really lie to me?

If it served her purposes, yes. She would.


Maybe she did lie.

He got out of the rocker.

Maybe he’s on the monitor, watching for me.

Maybe he’s waiting for me!

Isellta ran to the door and opened it.

He hesitated.

Queen Preyuna’s out there.

She’s out there waiting for me to be alone.

If she catches me alone, she’ll find a way to hurt me more than she already has.

His wings flittered.

He backed away.

I can’t go out there.

I can’t.

She’ll get me.

The monsters will get me.

She’ll tear my clothes off.

The monsters will bite my skin and shred me.

He slammed the door shut.

But he could have sworn he heard something with claws scratching the door.

Isellta ran back to the bed.

He grabbed a pillow and curled up with it.

Only then did he remember that Maelin was on the bed too.

He buried his face in his pillow and cried from the sheer stress of it all.


He shivered.

She sat up. “What’s wrong?”

He shook his head.

“It’s all right. I’m here. Tell me what’s wrong.”

He raised his head. “The control room. I want to go to the control room to see if Robin’s there. It wouldn’t make sense if he is, but maybe he is.”

“I’ll come with you.”

He relaxed. “Thank you.”

She smiled kindly at him.


Preyuna skulked around the house, giving off daggered and poisoned vibes.

Everyone stayed clear of her.


That worthless good for nothing.

He dared to use his magic against me.

I need to reassert myself.

I need to punish him.

I cannot let him get away with such infidelity. Otherwise, he will do it again. But I don’t want to hrrash ka kae with him. It has to be something that will make him hurt.

Something that will hurt him deep.

She stopped and smiled.

Or maybe I don’t need to do anything. I saw that look on his face when I told him about my interaction with that ugly vampire.

I’m sure Isellta is plagued by self doubts and tears.

Maybe that is enough.

She winced as she remembered the impact of her body hitting the door.


It isn’t enough.

Isellta must pay for what he has done.

I will make him pay.

I just need to think of something.

It has to be just right.

Must be the perfect balance.

Clean, straight lines.

She sighed.

I need some fresh air.


Chet side-glanced at the machine gun lying on the passenger seat.

It can’t hurt me, but it doesn’t feel safe to have it sitting out like that. It could…I don’t know. Spontaneously explode or something.

Still wouldn’t hurt me, but Master Incandesca would clobber me for killing her precious Model T Ford bucket of bolts.

That would hurt.

I don’t get why she doesn’t have a limo or a Rolls Royce or some spiffy sports car. Something with a lot of zip and pizzazz. Something that would be, I don’t know, FUN to drive.

This thing is a putz. Just a dinky putt-putt putz. She probably picked it up at the local farmer’s market for $4.99.

Not that I would dare say any of that to her. She’d halfway kill me.

Chet entered Penceforth.

He saw Mark Caten’s cliff right away. It towered over the whole town.

He headed straight for it.


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